Friday, March 3 - What We Did Today!


Today at first circle, we tried something new.  After the initial welcome and count, I broke the kids into 3 groups of five.  There were stacks of various sizes and styles of boxes, cardboard tubes and cones, and other objects made from cardboard.  The request – work as a team to create and building using anything in the pile.   You may add other things once you have your base.  Off we went.  After about 15 minutes, I called time and clean-up with the option to continue working on your building at the art table.  It was great to go from group to group to see how they were getting along.  The team work seemed to be going well, the building was being enjoyed, and many of the kids wanted to continue rather than move on.  It is so exciting to see them become so focused and engaged in a group project.

General work/play was around various areas of the school.  Ben and Hannah were working on magnets until they joined Astrid to set up a tea party.  They had taken care of everything from the cups to the tea to the flowers.  Mason and Waverly are playing Daddy and baby.  Max decided to join them once he had finished working on the building his team created.  This changed the game as Max was a dinosaur.  Mason was looking for the mean dinosaurs that had hurt Max.  Max didn’t know who they were, but Mason seemed pretty confident he could find them.

Myles, Flynn, and Mari were outside building a moat – not digging a moat, but building.  They had all of the right tools for building so I assume they had a plan and whether or not it made sense to me, it did to them!

There was much play with play dough. Many different kids came worked for a while, moved on, others joined, played for a while moved on.  My thanks to Amber and Rachel for all of their help!