What We Did Today!


Friday, March 24

Today we celebrated Myles’s sixth birthday with a song and chocolate cake!  Richard had many helpers with the cake today to create what appeared to be a tasty treat based on the explanations from the kids.

Outside, several kids were digging in the mud while others looked on.  Eventually, Flynn and Noah discovered something that was buried where they were digging.  It was red and just beginning to peak out of the ground.  At this point, I had to go inside and Richard took over outside.  Before free time was over, Noah came running in to let me know that they had dug it out.  It was a tool box filled with tools.  They decided to bury a pencil in its’ place for someone else to find!

Once inside, I noticed that today the kids seemed to be more pleasant to each other.  Checking on others, asking to join play, and asking for help if needed.  Elsie brought a book to school that she had written called “Piggy Mania”.  I read it to the class at second circle and the kids did a good job listening as it was read.

The moon has been getting attention by planet destroyers, space pirates, and astronauts.  One of the more recent developments has been from Ezra who put on the outer frame of a plastic bin much like a robot look and then had me attach the “jet pack” to the back.  He looked very official!  Be sure to check out the pictures in the hall.

There has been much more literacy work lately by many of the kids.  Name writing, early words, and stories, as well as quiet reading (be that looking at pictures and inventing the story or reading some of the words.)  My thanks to Heather and Richard for all of their help today