What We Did Today!

Thursday, March 23

Today we were busy working together right away.  There was little arguing at the beginning as kids came in and joined a friend to be a fire fighter, astronaut, chef, or waiter.  As the weather brightened, Kacie and I were outside watching as kids dug in the dirt slid down the slide, sent trucks down the slide, and built with the loose parts we have available outside.  Not only did they have to navigate playing in a space with about 8 others, they had to be aware of each other’s games to be sure they weren’t moving into interrupting plans.  This was negotiated well with only a couple of reminders of “Don’t forget to say look out below” or “Please be careful of my building.”

Inside, the bakery was very busy making cookies in the shape of various spring things.  They had sun, umbrellas, rabbits, flowers, and butterflies.  I could hear the oven beep off and on throughout the day.  In the restaurant, Shane was cooking up meals on the menu for Lucy and me.  Avery joined us.  Soon there must have been 8 kids working in the area.  As many of you know, this can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you don’t really know anyone.  So, some of us moved out and made room for those that wanted to join.  

The community block area was built by several different people throughout the day.  This left quite a mess for others to clean, but people from outside came to help, and people who were finished their area came to help.  This made the job much easier.  If only this was the norm!  My thanks to Marya and Kacie for all of their help today.