What We Did Today!

Tuesday, March 21

Today we met our new student Shane.  Please be sure to welcome him and his family.  As Shane was a bit shy and uncomfortable, I spent most of my time with him getting him settled at various activities with kids that were already playing or who chose to join us.  I wasn’t as able to move around, but I did enjoy watching those that chose astronauts circumvent the moon.  They discovered aliens as well as space pirates!  The space pirates were taking over the moon colony.

Several of us were in the block area building with trains and cars.  This gave us many opportunities to work through what to do if you want something someone else has, but they don’t want to give it to you.  This was a common theme today, almost as much as when we get back from a break. 

Irvington Bakery was very busy today.  There were many cookies being put into the oven.  Boy, did they smell good (vanilla play dough!)  In the kitchen, Lucy and Lillian were playing for a bit, Shane and I played for a bit, and Avery joined us as the tester of food.  I knew we were in trouble when he pronounced our Mexican rice as sour.

The art table appeared to close early today.  I later heard that the paint was used up.  The process was dropping paint drops onto a piece of paper and then letting them run down the paper as you move it up and down causing some color mixing as well as an interesting look.  Evidently, rather than a few drops, the artists envisioned lots of paint mixing together causing more of a thick and heavy look.  Art is in the eye of the beholder or should that be the creator?

My thanks to Jeff and Kyle for all of their help today!