What We Did Today!

Monday, March 20

Today at first circle, while talking about fire fighters, someone mentioned fire alarms and what to do if their house was on fire. So, we took a minute or two and discussed what to do in case the smoke alarm goes off.  Djuna let us know that she has a ladder to put out the window if the stairs are on fire.  I asked others if they had a family plan for a fire.  Most didn’t know or said no.  I told them to let you know that you needed a family plan with a place to meet once you are out of the house.  We mentioned the gases in smoke and the need to crawl out of the house not run standing up.  Hopefully, you will hear about this soon.

There were many new things available which can be overwhelming to some kids, but they seemed to handle it with enthusiasm.  In the science area, we have the surface of the moon along with some helmets and air tanks.  Several kids chose to investigate the lunar surface and were excited to discover a drive through at the edge of the crater they were exploring.  Evidently, the new café I introduced was close enough to the moon that they became a part of each other.  The drive through was much more popular than the café itself, but that didn’t stop the chefs from creating many wonderful meals.

The sensory table became a bakery with white play dough that smells of vanilla as the dough for cakes, pies, cookies, bread, and chicken.  The kids playing there were involved for about 40 minutes.  This was a great script as the kids were making it up as they worked.  We had the oven on the table for the players to “cook” their creations.

The guineas were placed in a basket and held by a couple of kids.  They were moved from the basket to a box, back to the basket to the box, etc.  They were a little scared, but I kept an eye on them and when they were showing signs of fatigue, they went back in their cage.  My thanks to David and Anne for all of their help today!