What We Did Today!

Friday, March 17

Today we were all wearing the green!  Which was a good thing as that was the color chosen for lining up today.  Our morning circles have been going a bit better.  Because I like to have conversation during circle, I tend to set myself up by asking a question and rather than raising hands I get 10 answers all at the same time peppered with “teacher Sam”.  This can be challenging not to mention noisy, but lessons I hope they will learn are to question things, add your opinion, and don’t sit quietly by if you have something to say.  Oh, wait, that explains a lot!  Today those conversations were regarding mail carriers which, I might add, these kids already know a lot about.  We also had the opportunity to look closely at a rollie pollie or sow bug that Astrid found and wanted to share with the kids. 

We were mixing colors again at the art table.  This time we had a type of palette with little cups to put paint into.  I put red, yellow, and blue into three of the cups leaving about 9 empty for mixing in.  Many kids checked this out and I loved the exclamations of “I just made purple” or “yellow and red make orange”.  They were obviously enjoying themselves.

We had shaving cream at the sensory table with some kids loving the feel and others avoiding the table altogether!  Mainly, the kids were smooshing the shaving cream then washing it off, smooshing the shaving cream washing it off repeat until ready to try something else. 

The fire fighters had a short stay today.  Just enough time to try everything on, test out hoses, and then take everything off again.  While having tea with Myles, I noticed that three different groups were playing together on the cork floor without bothering each other.  This was too difficult for them in January.  They are indeed growing.  My thanks to Jenny and Valerie for all of their help today!