Thursday, March 16 - What We Did Today!

Thursday, March 16

Today with the gorgeous weather, we had many kids outside enjoying the sun and the sand!  There were diggers, climbers, bakers, and shoe catchers.  The bus took some to the zoo while others took it to school.  There were ropes, trucks, and bodies coming down the slide.

Inside, the fire fighters were practicing for an emergence.  They were pretty fast dressing, grabbing their gear, and heading out to the fire.  The cooking took place in the vet’s office as well as in the water table.  Soup de jour was the focus of the water table with various mixtures of fruits and vegetables while the vet office was focused on baking.  I am sure the animals enjoyed having a bakery in their office!

The sensory table had trays of shaving cream each with two colors on top for mixing into the shaving cream.  At first the shaving cream was being dipped into cautiously, but once they found out you could wash it off, several jumped right in hands first.  They didn’t really notice the color mixing as they were exploring the sensory aspects first.  Maybe the next time they won’t be so cautious allowing them to dig in deeper.

The art table was set up with yarn for the kids to cut, dip into fabric starch, and place on a stiff piece of paper creating a picture or design.  We had gloves for those that did not want to get their hands gooey.  It may be that the gooey hand part was why not too many kids were interested in working with this project.

We have been doing many projects that involve color mixing.  Last week we made tube-o-scopes using tissue paper colors of red, yellow, and blue overlapping to create new colors.  We also actually did some color mixing with the three primary colors in an egg carton and mixing them together to create new colors to paint with.  My thanks to Stefan and Kerri for all of their help today!