Tuesday, March 14 - What We Did Today!

Tuesday, March 14

These kids jumped right into everything we had to offer today!  Some went directly to the art table to create spring hats.  The table had tape, glue, artificial flowers, ribbons, and paper plates.  Check out the pictures in the hallway to see how intricate some of them are!

The water table is a place to make soup.  We have fruits and veggies to be cut, bacon, measuring cups, ladles, spoons, knives and two big pots to cook the soup in.

We had to work our pincer grasps in order to paint.  There was a cotton ball in each of six colors and one clothes pin.  The idea was to use the clothes pin to pick up the cotton balls and paint on the paper.  However, because kids are so cleaver, they just pinched the cotton balls with their thumb and pointer fingers.  It didn’t take as much strength, but it was the same movement.

We have a fire station set up in the loft with several hats, coats, boots, and hoses available.  Many of the kids were dressing in the costumes and then off to fight fires and save people.  This is one more of our community helpers for the kids to practice and act out.  We still have the vet and the post office available!

There was practice playing the same thing side by side when you would rather play alone as well as playing with a group to build the biggest, sturdiest tower ever and enjoying others help.  The life of a preschooler is complicated.

The discovery table is made up of magnets, metal objects, and non-medal objects.  The kids come up with their own questions, theories, and trials just by checking the table out.  My thanks to Mary and Summar for all of their help today!