Monday, March 13 - What We Did Today!

Monday, March 13

Today we started out in circle asking what do you know about fire fighters?  The answers came back very quickly: They put out fires, they use hoses, they wear special clothes, they have stuff like the paramedics do etc.  Then we read a book about fire fighters to find out other things.  We found out that we knew a lot, but there was still more to be learnt.  We look forward to having a field trip to the fire station so that we can ask questions.  After circle, many kids took up fire fighter gear and began saving kids and animals alike!

At the art table, there was a full table of spring hat makers.  Be sure to check out the pictures on the board to see some beautiful hats ready for spring!

We were making soup at the water table and found out that many of these kids are already bacon lovers!  They were cutting veggies and fruits adding other things, like bacon, stirring it up and serving.

A couple of kids were working with the cardboard blocks making walls in any and all of the center openings making it difficult to go into any of the centers.  Needless to say, some walls were knocked over on purpose.  We talked through one such incident to see what options either side had and came up with a solution.  Problem solving and conflict resolution at its best!

I saw reading and writing going on today both actual literacy and preliteracy.  As always, many were practicing these skills at the writing table.  They especially like writing to you. 

We ended our day reading about how we are alike and how we are different.  I love to point out how I am different to others, but at the same time, I have some similarities.  My thanks to Florence and George for all of their help today!