Friday, February 10th

Today we celebrated Max’s 4 ½ birthday with carrot cake and a song!  We also read his all about me book, the last of the group!  This group has had an awesome week!  We have been working on kindness and helping others.  They have been telling their peers what they like about them or what is special about them.  They are working together in a quieter and calmer manner.

With the end of Chinese New Year getting closer, February 15th, we made lanterns with candles for the lantern parade on the last day.  Various kids were helping others while Heather was working on the cake.  Their skills in cutting and following directions have come a long way.

Ezra was the pirate captain with his motley crew of Hannah and Astrid.  They created their own pirate dialog working together and taking each other’s suggestions into account.  Myles and Elsie took very good care of Sun as they pet and fed him.  They are both very gentle and caring.  Eleanor decided he needed some grass and joined in after running outside to get some

Myles borrowed my camera and took some nice pictures of the kids working on their quiet games while waiting for snack.  I think I may be looking at a future photographer!  Take a look!  My thanks to Heather and Melinda for all of their help today!