What We Did Today!

Friday, December 8

Today we celebrated Henry’s 4 ½ birthday with chocolate cake and a song!  The kids said it was good and it smelled divine!  There were many kids helping with the cake.  They had a difficult time staying focused and listening, which continued during circles as well.  I would normally drop what we were talking about and move on, but today we were reading “All About Me” by Henry Curry and “All About Me” by Mae Jackson.  I am attempting to have all of the books read before the celebration and we still have five to go with two days in which to read.  So, needless to say, I held to the plan and waited until everyone could hear the books leaving us with no time for gym.  This was upsetting for many of the kids not to mention parent helpers and me!  We found a way to work some of our physical needs out by making storms using our bodies without our mouths.

At the art table, we made something special to give to someone special for the Winter holidays.  The rest of the inside play was around the train and setting up tracks, houses and block towers.  It was a bit disappointing as the kids didn’t get time to try out their track. 

Outside, Margaret watched as several kids made cakes and pies using special herbs and spices to top them off.  When I checked, I noticed six kids working very well together.  This is always a joy.

We have been reading our books to each other for the past two weeks.  The kids seem to enjoy sharing about themselves as well as listening to others’ stories.  I asked them what is one thing they learned about their reading partner and is that the same or different from them.  The more times we talk about different as normal the more kids are going to expect differences in life.  My thanks to Mary, Henry’s grandma and Margaret for all of their help today!