What We Did Today!

Wednesday, December 6

Today we talked about Santa Lucia Day.  Our special guests Kyle and Lucy Roach told us a bit about the light and read a story explaining what happens on Santa Lucia Day.  Lucy dressed up like Santa Lucia in a white dress with a crown of lights on her head and she shared some ginger cookies with us.  From there, many kids headed to the art table to create their own Lucia crown.

Several kids were making music in the loft.  They were using drums, ukes, and bells.  Many have been singing Christmas carols throughout the day as well.  We sang “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” and “Santa Lucia” in recognition of the two holidays we have talked about.

While wandering about the classroom, I noticed many kids joining with others in their play be it puzzles, music, family, or building.  This group has come together really well.  I don’t see clicks and I’m not constantly battling with exclusion.  I am really proud of these kids.  We are working on respecting property as we have had some destruction recently.

At the workbench, several kids were working on different tasks.  Avery was creating a vacuum which, by the way, looked like a vacuum and was made using nails and rubber bands.  Barkley made a sword, while Lucy was working on various projects.

Boy was the water table fun today!  For the first time in over a week, someone found a way to make not just one big bubble but numerous bubbles at a time.  Aria, Marcus, Mae, and Finn were working together like a factory line creating a ton of bubbles holding themselves together.  My thanks to Kyle and Kacy for all of their help today!