What We Did Today!

Tuesday, December 5

Today we celebrated River’s 3 ½ birthday with lemon cake and a song!  Teresa worked with several kids making the cake and from what I heard, it was very good!  The entire day was a joy to be part of. 

Lisa was outside almost the entire morning.  The kids outside were enjoying puddle stomping, pouring water into the sand box, flying down the slide, and fixing the play structure.  It was cold, but beautiful!

At the art table, the kids were making their Winter Celebration invitations by spinning a dreidel with paint on the tip on top of paper.  Some of these kids have spinning down and ended with lots of drips and swirling paint.  Others were learning and ended with what almost looks like footprints walking across their paper.  Finally, some kids used the other end of the dreidel to paint dots across their paper.  The invitations will go home on Thursday so watch for them and help your child choose ONE guest to join us for lunch.

I continued the warm bubble water as the kids seemed to have a great time last week making bubbles and using different tools to do so.  The metal hoop is still the favorite as you can see the bubble stretch from the water to the hoop as you lift the hoop out of the water.

The kids did a great job cleaning as they went along, so clean-up was a breeze.  Just a few last-minute items and on to circle where we sang our autumn songs.  My thanks to Teresa and Lisa for all of their help today!