What We Did Today!

Tuesday, December 12

Today we celebrated Rowan’s 4th birthday with vanilla cake and a song!  There were about five kids helping out with the baking.  The kids all agreed, it was a good cake.

I spent the first part of the day outside with a few kids who were busy building the play structure.  Evidently there was a fire and everything had to be rebuilt.  They were doing a great job sharing the hammer and other tools.  Eventually, others came out and joined them.  The play changed somewhat, but the comradery was still there. 

Inside, some of the kids chose to create a centerpiece for the winter solstice.  We used clay for a base, fir branches to represent bringing back the green, and a candle to represent the light returning.  Oh, and we also added some pine cones just for looks!

The water table was a question of what sinks and what floats.  There were various items in the table for the kids to check and see what would float and what would sink.  I think the fact that the water was warm was more of a motivator than the items in the table.

We have set up a farm in the dry table with crinkled paper strips for hay or grass or whatever.  Different kids were interested in different parts of the scene.  Some preferred the pigs while others just wanted the horses.  The cattle were a favorite as well.  The stories that come with this type of provocation are always interesting and fun.

Rowan was making some amazing soup in the kitchen for me.  I believe he followed through while working with Stella and Bash to make an entire meal.  My thanks to Sara and Naomi for all of their help today!