What We Did Today!

Friday, December 1

We had our very special woodworking guest Jennifer today.  She began asking them about the specific tools they would be using today – hammer, screw driver, brace and bit, drill, saw, and square.  Many of them new the tools and what they were used for.  She covered safety as well for instance, explaining that when the saw is not moving, it won’t hurt you, but when it is moving the teeth can hurt you.

After going through all of the tools, she sent them to choose a tool and two pieces of wood.  The saws were the first to go!  Henry cut through at least two pieces of wood, Avery two or three.  Barkley decided to cut some wood on his project after he had already attached several pieces.  If you have ever cut through a piece of 1x3 using a hand saw and saw box, you can imagine how difficult this can be for a four or five-year-old!  Unlike yesterday’s group, this group were not attempting to create anything, they were just working on “a project” using as many of the tools as they could.

Marcus drilled through two pieces of wood without asking for any help.  Then he nailed the two together.  Some of the kids tried attaching two pieces together using screws and/or nails.  Those that used the screws, were able to use the brace with a screw driver bit attached which they discovered was both faster and easier than hammering.

Finn decided that his work should be painted, so off he went to the easel.  Others watching decided they would like to do that as well so we added some glue paint that had been mixed up for our sculpture project on Wednesday.  It lent a shinier look to the projects.

After woodworking and snack, we read “All About Me” by Edie Cuellar and later “All About Me” by Easton Kimnach.  My thanks to Jessica and Kymberli for all of their help today!