What We Did Today!

Wednesday, November 8

Today the energy level was very high.  In first circle we read and then talked about homes – sizes, shapes, animal, human and so forth.  The project following was to draw your house in pencil and then paint it with watercolors.  Everyone worked through this project.  Some decided the shapes of their houses and then trace the parts using some shape cards I have while others drew from their imagination and/or memory of their house.  These will be the third page of our books.

I ventured outside once or twice, but did not stay very long.  Wow, was it cold.  But it didn’t stop Josh, Henry, Edie, Simon, Avery, Easton or Mae.  There were the usual flying trucks down the ramp and some of the kids were under the structure playing.  Josh was a champ hanging out there!

Marcus was busy making ginger bread cookies and working his muscles on the tortilla press while flattening play dough.  Many kids tried his gingerbread which was declared great.

The water table was busy off and on with the kids watching to see where the water would go from each spout.  We managed to keep the water in the table today for which I was very thankful.  I like to see how they process how they might change the pipes to make them bring the water to another place.  Lots of thought goes on along with problem solving skills.

Otto, Aria, and Finn were doing much writing and mailing their letters to family and friends.  Otto was asking how to spell some words, so we used the magnetic letters and spelled it out for him to copy.  Nice job Otto!

Dashel, Barkley, and Easton were playing with the forest and dinosaurs when they suddenly changed what they were doing and started hiding the forest by stacking blocks all around it.  Sherwood Forest was hidden from sight.  Dashel took some of the large blocks and stood them all the way to the top of the kids’ pictures by himself.  That’s six feet up.  He only needed my help with the last block, so I lifted him up and he placed it on top.

My thanks to Kristen and Josh for all of their help today!