What We Did Today!

Tuesday, November 7

Today I was reminded of how much a simple change like day light savings time can set kids back.  About 11:00 11:30, the kids became easily frustrated, tired, and disoriented.  At this time last school day, they would be going home for lunch and, for some, a nap.  But not today, so they began to fall apart.  Hopefully next week we will all be better adjusted!

There was much interest in the Hart’s tubes.  Kids were pouring water through different openings and following the pipes to see where it came out.  This is a wonderful opportunity for social, creative, and problem solving to be practiced.  They have to find a space to work, find something to use to pour water with, and work out a plan that allows them to maneuver in and around each other.  Executive functioning at its best!

Although I started the art table of clay with a plan, I quickly changed it and just let them get use to the material.  I had forgotten how different play dough is from clay.  There were new textures, new properties, and new experience for most of the kids.  Most of the kids worked with the clay at least for some time today.  We will bring it out again next week for more exploration before we work on a project.

Outside, kids came and went, but Naomi had to be out there for a long time.  Please don’t forget warm coats if you are the protein/carb parent.  It will only get colder!  Kids were working on the rock wall, sliding, and just enjoying the outdoors.

In the kitchen, various groups came and went.  Stella and Bash were cooking and eating elaborate meals.  When Addy joined them, Rowan made her and the others some breakfast.  Isla, River and Bodhi were playing doggies while Arlo, Addy, and Sebastian were busy with the dinosaurs.

The discovery table has 3 different pumpkins on it, a scale, a tape measure, and a ruler.  Once one of the kids decided to weigh a pumpkin, many of the kids joined to have a turn.  They were weighing the pumpkins first, then themselves and then other things with in the classroom.  This got them interested in comparing the weight, height, and width of various items.

My thanks to Sara and Naomi for all of their help today!  It was a whirlwind of energy by the end of the day.