What We Did Today!

Monday, November 6

Today there was non-stop chatter going on all around and then a crash before the end of the day.  Day light saving?  Candy?  Too long between school days?

We worked on our family page for our book.  Each child chose a cut-out head in various shades of brown for each member of their family, glued it to paper, and then added clothing.  All 15 kids finished this project which says a lot.  I know they will look great in their books!

Outside, Edie, Henry, Mae, and Simon were digging for treasure.  One of the ways kids learn social skills is in a set up like this.  They have a limited amount of space and they all need to negotiate in order to complete their task.  It doesn’t demand turn taking, but allows for kids to find the space and/or task that they would like to work on.  When allowed to figure this out without adult input, they are learning impulse control, verbal communications, empowerment, and problem-solving skills.

A similar situation was occurring at the water table.  I have added the Hart tubes which is a set up that allows the kids to change where the pipes go before pouring water into them.  At one point, I saw 7 kids at the table working separately and alone.  They found a way to all work at the same space, with some of them planning together and others doing their own thing.  We added buckets when they decided they wanted the pipes to go outside of the table.  They took care of pouring the water back into the table as needed.

There was much cooking in dramatic play by various kids.  Easton was busy making sandwiches and tacos, while Lucy was mixing many things together.  Aesa was creating a persona using her witch costume to help.  She had to go to spell class and other kids were enjoying listening to her spells.  That may be because she was turning them into frogs! 

During first circle, we talked a bit about evergreens and other leaves.  If your child lets you know that leaves can make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, you can blame it on me.  I told them that leaves make their own food and to get their attention back, I got silly.  Oops!

My thanks to Josh, Kymberli, and Marya for all of their help today!