What We Did Today!

Thursday, November 30

We had our very special woodworking guest Jennifer today.  She began by showing some of her tools, explaining how they work and how to hold them.  Most of the kids were able to stand through this part of the demonstration although we did lose a few.

Jennifer wheels in her cart and begins to put three workbenches together each with its’ own vice and saw box.  Then she sorts out her tools, so it is easy for the kids to find what they need once they get started.  She also has a very large box of wood scrapes in different shapes and sizes.

The only directions that the kids had was to choose a tool and get two pieces of wood.  At this age, the kids usually want to hammer, screw, and/or saw the wood using the tools.  This group had some of that, but also experienced the opposite end of the spectrum as seen by Rowan’s work.  He brought five or six pieces of wood to one of the benches, put them side by side to create a rocket ship, including booster fire.  Then he told me he wanted to hammer them together.  I had Jennifer come over and she showed him how to use connecting wood pieces.  He worked on his rocket for a really long time without a break or giving up his idea.  It was wonderful to see.

There were many kids in between these two places on the spectrum.  Isla made a tree with a slide out of three or four pieces, Eliza who chose to add beads to the top of her wood creating an entirely different look, Sebastian made an airplane with two pieces crossing each other, and Liam continued to saw piece of wood after piece of wood.  The list goes on.  The most interesting part for me was noticing that almost every kid came back to work on something after having left for a bit to do other things.

Jennifer is wonderful with the kids which makes the entire process a fun experience.  My thanks to Kyle and Ginny for all of their help today!