What We Did Today!

Tuesday, November 28

Welcome back!  I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving remembering all that you are thankful for.  I was once again reminded how thankful I am for each and everyone of my 30 preschoolers as well as their families.  Thank you for all you do for them, the preschool, and me!

Being the first day back after a week-long break didn’t stop these Caterpillars from enjoying school and each other.  At the art table, we had some collage work.  Isla was very judicious with the pieces she wanted to add.  She found a moose picture because “Myles will really like her work.”  Others also found pieces that represented something special to them or at least something that would look “cool.”

At the water table, we had bubbly water.  It really needed a bit more soap, but that didn’t hinder most of the kids.  They were making big bubbles and small bubbles using the various tools in the table.

The pumpkin pie play dough was being used to make cookies, cakes, and pie.  Eliza asked me for the oven, so I brought it down and in went the racks of yummy goodness.  Josie and Eliza were serving up the final product throughout the classroom (I hope I got all of that play dough back into the tub!)

A large group of kids were in the dramatic play area under the loft.  They were playing family.  There were five or six of them working through their game without any problems.  At the kitchen spot, Adam, Stella, and Bash were busy cooking soup, shrimp, and strawberries.  The soup was made from the seeds in the dinosaur table.  There is just something about an open table of small pieces that need to be transferred.  In this case, transferred to the pots and pans or plates and cups.  The clean-up went really well!  We had many kids with brooms and dustpans working together to get everything off of the floor.

I was not outside, but Lisa was out there for quite a while with Liam, River, Margot, and Sebastian.  Sebastian came in to the classroom with a bottle of worms.  He shared them with me and a few others than took them back outside to let them go.

We talked a bit about three upcoming holidays that we will be learning about – Christmas, Chanukah, and Winter Solstice.  My thanks to Rachel and Lisa for all of their help today!