What We Did Today!

Monday, November 27

Welcome back!  I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving remembering all that you are thankful for.  I was once again reminded how thankful I am for each and everyone of my 30 preschoolers as well as their families.  Thank you for all you do for them, the preschool, and me!

Being the first day back after a week-long break, there was some whining and some bad choices.  But there were also groups working together, listening at circle, and helping each other with clean-up.  During first circle, we talked about how we are the same – we all like to play – and how we are different – we like to play different things.  I asked each of them what they liked to play and found several different games.  The marble run was a favorite for many kids, then there was art, playing with specific kids, and trains.  Later, the last page of our book was completed.  We will begin reading the books on Wednesday, so be sure to get the recipe homework completed and returned to school so we can complete your child’s book.

At the water table there was soapy bubble water and various tools.  The kids enjoyed testing several tools to see if they made bubbles.  We will talk about other ideas for making bubbles on Wednesday.

We had some great paper shapes and pieces donated last week, so it was natural to set-up a collage area for the art table.  This is a favorite art activity for many of the kids and I love it because it is most definitely a process.  There is gluing, creating, some cutting, and design work.  It is a free form of art that gives the kids the opportunity to create what they want, not something that someone else has already created and they are just copying.

I was offered some more cardboard blocks from a friend.  Knowing that, worst case scenario, I could give them to the rummage sale, I said yes thank you.  When I picked them up, I discovered they have not yet been put together (all 120) so Summar, Margaret, me, and a few kids began the process.  Well, at this point, we have 44 and only 76 to go.

My thanks to Margaret and Summar for all of their help.