What We Did Today!Tuesday, November 21

Tuesday, November 21

Today we were missing three of our classmates, but that didn’t stop the rest of the kids from having a busy time!  Liam, Bodhi, and Jubilee tried setting up the pipes in the water table.  They tried various approaches.  Once done, they poured water to see where it came out.  After one of them changed the pipes, I tried to figure out where the water was coming out and finally realized they had put one of the pipes under water so that we couldn’t see it coming out.  Clever!

At the art table, we were making blobs using red, yellow, and blue paint on paper, folding the paper in half, and spreading the paint between the paper with a flat shape.  Once opened, we guessed what the picture looked like.  We had a lot of butterflies and other insects.  Many of the kids decided to go free flow and just painted with the spoons or the scrapers, mixing colors, creating new colors, and enjoying the movement of the paint.

Outside, Adam was feeling the sand box with water when Margot came out.  She was excited to jump in puddles.  When she spotted the sand box, she looked at me and asked if she could jump in it.  I said if she checked with Adam so that if he didn’t want to get wet, he could move out of the way which she did and then he did.  Splash away!

Many of the kids had been playing with the finger puppets, not necessarily on their fingers, but definitely interactively.  Addy and Sebastian were roaring and eating with their puppets, Bash, Stella, and Rowan were throwing their puppets which, I thanked them for as they were very light and wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Dramatic play was busy most of the day. There were various kids as well as groups working there.  Food was being made and eaten, nuts were being mixed and added, and play dough was baked and transferred to the dramatic play kitchen.  Rowan completed a dinosaur puzzle several times while others watched or asked if they could help

My thanks to Brittni and Kari for all of their help today.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!