What We Did Today!

Monday, November 20

Today we were missing three of our classmates.  If you have not heard yet, Simon broke his collarbone on Friday.  When I visited him, he looked pretty good although I know that is supposed to be one of the most painful of breaks.  If you get a chance, wish him a fast healing.  The kids were definitely working on their own all day.  At first circle we talked about how we are the same and how we are different.  I think the kids have a good handle on this now.

After circle, I noticed the twelve kids move in and out of different groups.  Each group worked through their problems without any adult interference.  Outside, Edie, Marcus, Easton, and Finn were searching for bugs in the garden.  Every time they found something, they would call for me so that I could see it also.  They found a centipede, a spider, a baby slug, a little worm and a momma worm.  The excitement was electric each time they came across a new creature.  They were outside with a few kids coming and going, but the main group stayed out the entire free time.

Inside there were essentially two groups, one at the art table working with water colors and the other over under the loft playing house.  I few phrases over heard by adults near-by were “You’re the Mom, you have to get up and make breakfast.  You’re the Dad, you have to stay in bed” and, from the “Mom”, “Dash be nice”.  Umm, I wonder where they get their stereotypes from?  They were busy with this game for a very long time.

Every once in a while, someone would leave the group to do something different.  Dash and Barkley made a huge tower with the cardboard blocks, Lillian, Aesa, Lucy and Aria were playing in the dry table with the dinosaurs and beans.  Some of the kids were trying to set up the water table pipes on their own.  And Avery and Otto were working at the woodworking bench inventing new things.

We finished another page in our book, My Favorites.  I am hoping that we will be able to finish our books and begin reading them to each other as well as to the parent helpers next week.  With that in mind, please get your child’s recipe back to school next Monday.

My thanks to Ali and Julianna for all of their help today!