What We Did Today!

Thursday, November 2

Today we started out very engaged and working in various groups.  After finding a spider in the classroom, Ginny went to take it outside.  About five kids followed her out and stayed out for most of the morning.  Kids came and went up until clean-up time.  I was out for the last shift and Margot and I were climbing up the rock wall and checking out the world from the vantage point of the structure.  The other kids were working in the sand box, digging for fun or digging castle walls for their building.

Inside what started out as an interesting project was quickly dropped by the rest of the class.  We were using liquid starch on waxed paper then adding tissue squares with some over lapping to create new colors.  River created a lovely shade of brown which was fun as we were only using red, blue, and yellow squares!

There were pumpkin seeds in the water table with warm water, nets and tweezers.  We noticed that some of the seeds floated, while another type sunk.  We also noticed that the two kinds of seeds looked different.  One was flat and yellow while the other more rounded and a whitish-grey.  That’s as far as this group wanted to theorize, so we let the possibilities go for today.

Dramatic play, as usual, was very busy with mixing various nuts and other loose parts together to make a meal.  They really seem to enjoy this process and some of them actually help me to sort the loose parts after they are through. 

By about clean-up time, I lost them to something.  They became whiney, loud, deaf, and tired!  (I bet you’ve never had that experience with your child!)  We attempted circle time by reading about our can-do kid River!  Then I lost them again, so I cut my losses and headed for the gym.

My thanks to Ginny and Kai for all for their help today!