What We Did Today!

Friday, November 17

Today the kids sat in assigned seats for the first circle.  This seemed to help keep them focused on our subject rather than each other.  It worked pretty well, we were able to read a book and then talk a bit about our favorite foods.  From there, many of them headed to the art table where they make a collage of foods that they like to eat.  We talked about who liked carrots and who liked beans.  We realized that we like different things and that is okay.

In dramatic play, Easton and Lucy were making and eating cereal.  They had the table set very nicely.  Aesa came in to join them and she ate everything they put in front of her.  They were having some much fun they drew in Barkley and Dashel who also began cooking and eating.  By now it is getting very crowded in the small space, but they all managed it well.  There were no physical movements or verbal comments causing problems.  Then finally, Finn, Aria and Lillian joined in.  So, let’s see, that’s eight kids in a small environment watching out for each other, not arguing with each other, and playing as a team – nice!

Outside, with hard hats on and tools close by, Avery, Barkley and Dashel are building a second floor to the play structure and fixing the roof.  For the second floor, Avery was moving items up via the stairs.  When I came out, he was carrying a table with Edie’s help around the play structure and up the stairs.  When he finally got to the stairs, Edie was kind of done, so I helped on one end while he had the top – bend, pull, step, bend, pull, well, you get the idea.

Lucy, Henry and Marcus started a Chinese band.  They had guitar, xylophone, and drum.  I love hearing them create music, even when we only have percussion instruments.

Edie, Simon and Easton were stacking blocks and testing the balance.  They had a really tall, skinny tower and they were trying to put a large arch on top.  They realized that there was no place for the arch’s feet to be.  They tried a few ideas, but the tower wasn’t strong enough to stay up without some sort of support leaving Easton to decide that his head was a better place for the arch!

My thanks to Julianna and Billy (Barkley’s Grammy) for all of their help today.