What We Did Today!

Thursday, November 16

Today was another great day with the Caterpillars.  They were busy from the time they walked into the room.

We had pumpkin play dough at the sensory table.  Liam said it smelled like pumpkins while Stella, I think, said it smelled like turkey.  You can see their line of thinking.

The art table was to be clay tiles, but most of the kids had other places they would rather be, so we only had one tile by the end of the day.

The water table was in a similar position with kids coming and going but not interested in working through the pipes.

Many kids were outside playing in the sandbox.  This lasted for a while.  When I poked my head out, I heard “my hands are cold” so I brought out some gloves which brought a few more kids outside to join the others.

Inside, there was block building with the large cardboard blocks.  Arlo made a special building with a secret road just for the dinosaurs.  They could go through the opening and get into their house.  Rowan brought out many bowls of nuts to feed the dinosaurs.  Of course, this meant that he had quite a bit to clean up which he wasn’t very happy about, but he was able to finish up with the help of his friend River.  It is hard to clean-up things when all you want to do is play.  This is one of the hardest lessons because creativity can be messy!

Everyone wanting snack had eaten by 10:30 which is very unusual.  I may have to make snack available sooner, so they can get started earlier.  Many kids were involved with the spiders and leaves.  Some doing a great job catching them with tweezers while others preferred catching them in their hands.

The kitchen area has been busy since adding the “loose parts”.  These seeds and other nature things have been inspiring new recipes as well as creative play.  Instead of serving spaghetti and meat balls that looks like plastic spaghetti and meatballs, they are having to be creative.  If they make spaghetti, what should they use?  A walnut? Some moss or lichen?  They get to choose and whatever they choose is right!

I saw a lot of problem solving, asking if I can have it next, and working together in the classroom and in the gym.

My thanks to Jenny and Sarah for all of their help today!