What We Did Today!

Wednesday, November 15

Today the kids were busy from the end of first circle until snack, working, playing, creating, and doing their own problem solving!  It was wonderful to watch.  Around second circle, they were so wound up that we took bunny breaths, dragon breaths, rocket breaths, and volcano breaths just to be able to sit and listen.  The interesting thing about taking deep breaths using the above model, is that you can tell which kids are actually breathing deeply and which are just rushing through the actions.  The difference in obvious in their energy levels. 

I had a plan for the art table, but after watching the kids at first circle, I realized they needed more freedom in the art today.  They made collages using pictures and paper bits.  It was very peaceful and the kids at the table seemed very comfortable.

Otto and Avery spent much time at the writing table writing letters and making pictures for friends and family.  Otto was writing words on his drawings with spelling help from Michelle!

Marcus was busy with the blocks and created an amazing castle with a tall wall, a staircase, an archway, and much, much more!  It was knocked down and then he built a new one.  Once that one was also knocked down, he decided to move on.  The cause of the building being knocked down was due to the construction next store to it.  Simon and Henry building a structure to hold ramps for cars to go down.  Once finished, they were zooming all sorts of cars down, adding other ramps, putting ramps into ramps, and sending down various size and type of cars.

The kitchen had various individuals as well as groups cooking, mixing, and creating new recipes.  By the end of the day, everything was everywhere (imagine that!) so we had everyone help sort out all of the different seeds and extras in order to be cleaned up sooner.  They did a great job!

As we moved into the later part of the free time, I noticed more throwing, not listening, and a general feeling that all was about to blow.  I took a couple of kids to the play dough table to make cookies and pies to help with regulating.  Michelle found a few others that needed some help regulating and sent them over as well.  We had nine kids working with the play dough.  Again, at first things were a bit crazy as they needed help remembering to ask for tools rather than take them away, but once they remembered, they were talking and interacting really well together.

My thanks to Marya and Michelle for all of their help today!