What We Did Today!

Tuesday, November 14

Today I was so excited to be back!  I missed the antics and awesomeness of this class!  They did a great job as well.  Even clean-up went well!

At the art table, the kids were collaging with animal pictures, unusual papers, feathers, and scrap paper.  There were scissors as well to get some practice cutting.

The Hart tubes and pipes were a great opener for the kids.  It is the first thing they see when they come in, so, obviously, it is the first thing they engage in.  They haven’t attempted to rearrange the pipes, but I’m sure that will come to them soon.  It is really interesting when they get to this stage as they have to use problem solving skills to decide what should go where and what happens if.  They also have to work as a team.  What if one person wants to move the long pipe to the right, but another person would rather save that pipe for to pour through.

I asked Josie if the play dough smelt good.  She looked away from me then sniffed and gave it thumbs up and “good”.  It is pumpkin pie play dough although it is more brown than orange the smell makes me think of pumpkin pie and family gatherings.

We are using feathers at the easels along with red, orange, yellow, green, and brown.  The feathers offer many different types of lines depending on how the child chooses to use the brush.

Arlo and Jubilee were working on the large cardboard box in the science area.  I couldn’t quite tell what the idea was, but I watched for a while and they were both working well together with whatever they were working on.

Finding spiders and then collecting them with tweezers is not always an easy task, but these kids work hard to get the tweezers to grip the spiders so that they could add the spiders to their pails.

Dramatic play was very busy today with various groups coming and going.  Addy was making coffee and then tea for herself.  From there, Margot joined her, and they made some awesome food using seeds and play food.  Stella and Bash created many bowls full of different foods.

The guineas were busy with kids holding and/or feeding them both the kids and the guineas did very well!

My thanks to Angie and Trisha for all of their help today!