What We Did Today!

Wednesday, November 1

Thank you all for the wonderful cards.  The kids did a great job making me feel special on my birthday!  Most of the kids were outside today, at least 2/3s of the group.  They were still in the truck rolling down the slide and crashing phase.  In order to help them move beyond the spot they seemed to be stuck in, I asked them what they wanted to happen.  There were two answers, first was we want to crash the trucks and second was we want the trucks to zoom off of the track.  Well as they were already great at crashing the trucks, I prodded a bit and they began changing the building at the bottom of the slide.  Rather than stacking lots and lots of boards at the end of the slide, we organized the stacking so that there was a smooth transition from slide to board.  Once the kids caught on to the potential, they were asking kids not to  put boards just anywhere and would explain where they would like them to go.  There was still some competition for willy-nilly versus a plan for zooming as far as the truck would go, but they were able to articulate what they wanted to happen which made everything easier.

Inside, I was wowed by the way the kids were creating their own play.  Three kids created a “tape” game which brought two other kids to join them.  This lasted for quite a while before it was abandoned for Mr. Potato head.  Thanks to a couple of kids willing to try something new, I was able to realize that it was nearly impossible to pick up wet pumpkin seeds from the water with tweezers and place them into a bucket.  Phew!  Who knew!  Next, we will try something like a net instead.

My thanks to Jessica and Kyle for all of their help today!