What We Did Today!

Monday, October 9

Today was, well, another busy, energetic day.  They have so much to share that we are taking some time at first circle to let each child talk to the group.  This starts out well, but eventually it becomes too much to wait for the last kids to finish.  We talked about same and different in regard to some leaves, mosses, and seeds I brought in.  The kids did well.  This is in preparation for our “All About Me” books that we will be starting soon.

I was amazed to discover that no one was working with the play dough or painting at the easel today.  Perhaps due to so many new things in the room such as the baby wash station.  There was a lot of interest here as many of you probably noticed at drop off.  Some of the kids even dried and diapered the babies.  We also have horse chestnuts in the dry table with other brown things, buttons, beads, erasers, and pencils.  For some kids this is a chance to search for some of the objects listed on a piece of paper while moving through the smooth, round chestnuts.  For others it became an opportunity to see how many they could possibly put on the dramatic play floor.  Rule # 2 – if there are things in the table, they will be transported somewhere.  I guess I had better find a better opportunity for them to be transported!

A large group of kids were outside playing many games including hide and seek with Richard.  There was also the favorite truck/slide derby where the trucks are sent flying down the slide one at a time into a pile at the bottom of the slide.  This time, however, we had Avery there with his gear on ready to sweep them all away!  I have been trying to get the kids interested in our sunflower which is about 10 feet high.  It surprises them and then they are off again finding tomatoes or fixing the play structure.

The art table was a continuation of melting crayon idea only this time we used shaved pieces of crayon between pieces of wax paper and then used the iron to melt the crayon leaving some cool mixing of colors.

My thanks to Kacy and Richard for all of their help on this energetic day!