What We Did Today!

Friday, October 6

Today was another energetic day with lots of emotions by the end in the gym.  I will say that the parent helpers this week have definitely earned their pay!

The art table was mix of creation and experimentation which I am sure is not unusual in the art world.  We had warming trays, a choice of paper type, and crayons.  The kids were lined up at first to test out this new process.  At first there is the amazement when they actually see the crayons melting as they draw, then comes the experimentation of colors and textures. 

The chocolate playdough inspired many bakers with ideas of cakes, brownies and just good old chocolate balls.  My favorite by far was Edie’s plaster and bandages for a hurt lizard.  He was covered in chocolate playdough.

There were various groups going in and out of dramatic play – those that were interested in dressing up, those interested in creating a hideout, and those busy cooking with all sorts of loose parts.

I was beginning to realize that there wasn’t much interest in the box, tubes, and pellets because everything was too high for most of the kids.  However, I did see more kids trying to balance on the ladder, the edge of the dry table, or cabinet next to them.  This is giving them the chance to know their bodies, what their bodies can do, what they are comfortable doing, and knowing the feeling that comes with the intuitive knowledge that perhaps this is not safe.

Outside in the beautiful sun, Easton was working to banish monsters while Aria was creating in the sand along with Finn.  We checked out the really tall sunflower as well as the smaller ones. 

Inside, Finn and Aria grabbed their favorite tools, tape measures, and began to measure all sorts of things.  Jessica deemed them the “measurement squad” and off they went measuring other kids, tables, legs, anything. 

We talked a bit about treating others the way you would like to be treated again today and I heard kids several times remark someone dipped into their bucket.  We will continue with these ideas as we talk about feelings.

My thanks to Jessica and Summar for all of their help today!