What We Did Today!

Thursday, October 5

Today the kids did an amazing job.  They are sitting in circle, lining up and walking down to the gym, and cleaning up.  Major skills to be sure.

Although there were not many kids to try out the art area, those that did seemed to be impressed with what they were creating.  We had warming trays set-up for the kids to color on.  As you might expect the warmth from the trays caused a cool melting effect leaving the drawing solid and somewhat shiny.

My favorite play dough was out today, chocolate.  It looks and smells like a dense chocolate cake.  When I asked kids what it smelt like, they said, “I don’t know.”  Someone finally said a chocolate muffin.  I guess dark chocolate is an acquired taste!

Outside there was a lot of heavy work being done through the movement of sand from one place to another.  The construction workers are also making improvements to the play structure daily.

I noticed several kids working with the magnetic letters today.  I’m not sure they had any idea what they were doing, but they had them out and were placing them on the metal sheet.  I like to sound out the words that are written even though they are not real words.  This lets the kids know that the letters each have their own sound and when you put them together they make a word, even if they are silly words.  The kids love this and are usually laughing as I try to get my tongue around a word with no vowels!

Finally, after gym, we sang two new Halloween songs.  You may begin hearing them soon.

My thanks to Sara and Kai for all of their help today and to all of you for this wonderful group of kids!