What We Did Today!

Wednesday, October 4

Wow, today was one of those days you try to find a way to harness the energy in order to bring down your electric bill!  That said, most of the energy was constructive and interesting to stand back and watch while some was the reason I heard myself using the word “No” so often.  Which is something I try not to do.

First circle, we played a germ game in which I pretended to sneeze on a ball and then we play pass the ball until everyone had a chance to catch the ball as well as the germs on the ball.  With flu season coming up, we know where the germs come from and how they get into our body.

The play dough table had my favorite play dough, a dark chocolate play dough.  Most of the kids couldn’t tell me what it smelled like which was hard to believe as I’m ready for a chocolate bar just because I’m standing so close to the smell.

Our box was rearranged to give the kids other options beyond tubes on top of the box.  The new layout places tubes on both sides as well as one going through the end.  The kids still want a ladder to reach the tubes and find themselves trying to balance while pouring with one hand and looking at the opposite side to see the pellets come out.  This is definitely right brain left brain as they cross their mid line, watch something other than what their hand is doing, and continue to balance while stretching just a bit higher.

In the kitchen, there are kids cooking with the pretend food as well as our executive chefs who are creating with the acorns, acorn hats, cones, and pellets.  They were very busy enjoying their work. 

At last circle, I tried to read about the Golden Rule.  When I first introduced the book, I asked if anyone knew what the Golden Rule was.  One child said, “It’s not being a jerk” which is partially true and another said, “doing something to someone that you would like to have done to you.”  I lost the kids at this point, so we will be continuing with this conversation later.  If you have an opportunity to talk about the Golden Rule with your child, please do, it may help as work through some areas of social emotional learning!

My thanks to Marya and Julianna for all of their help today!