What We Did Today!

Tuesday, October 3

Today was filled with much activity.  We were set up with chocolate play dough, tooth brushes to paint at the easel with, chalk and water to draw with, and sudsy water to pour and whip up into a mass of bubbles and that was only in the first 15 feet.

I was outside most of the day so I didn’t see how things went inside, but I wasn’t called in, so all must have been well.  The first group of friends outside were working on the play structure.  They had construction hats and tools along with ideas of what needed fixing.  Sebastian and I were looking for bugs, but only found a baby slug and a spider web.  Although later, River found a beautiful spider with a brown back which had a white pattern on it.  Liam was helping me to clean the sand from off of the pad as it had managed to get all the way over to the dirt in a thick pile.  I swept and then he scooped it up with a shovel and put it into a small wagon which we pulled over to the sand box and placed it inside.

We are beginning to see some personalities testing each other out.  This will give me a great opportunity to help work with conflict resolution and empowerment.  If your child is having difficulties waiting for a turn or your attention, remember to get to his/her level and tell them “You may have this when I am finished, what would you like to do while you wait?”  Or, I can talk with you when I finish getting snack, what would you like to do while you wait?”  If the open ended what would you like to do while you wait, is too much option for your child give them two options – you can sit and color or read a book until I am finished.

This is an amazing group and I am having so much fun with them!  My thanks to Rachel and Brittni for all of their help today!