What We Did Today!

Friday, October 27

Today the kids were great.  They knew what they wanted to do and did it.  We talked at first circle about how we could fill someone’s bucket today.  The main ideas were hugging, playing with someone, and making someone laugh.  Some of these ideas actually occurred and consequently filled some buckets.

Outside, Andrew spent the entire free time watching and working with about eight kids.  Edie and Marcus were in the sand box digging up the fish that the other class had buried.  Simon, Henry, Avery, Dashel, Barkley, and Easton were trying to create a better way to make the cars zoom off the slide and into the garden.  This takes a lot of give and take to work out and the kids were up to the challenge.  Easton tried to remember what his Dad had done the day that he was helper and help Henry set that up.  Henry didn’t quite get flight time, but he was definitely close.  Avery and Barkley were doing much measuring to be sure all the numbers were right.

Inside we finished off the last of the self Portraits.  These are fabulous and will be the covers to the kids’ “All About Me” books.  This will entail learning about how we are a like and how we are different.  We will cover the areas of where we live, who is in our families, what we like to play, and what we like to eat.  We get to learn a lot about each other through the process.

As I wandered the room, there were many kids painting pumpkins and washing them, but I think, Lillian and Mae did the most washing of any of the kids.  In the dramatic play area, we had various mixtures of kids cooking away with the various loose parts.  There were some enticing soups and stews mostly.  The dinosaurs have also become a fun way for the kids to create skits.

My thanks to Margaret and Andrew for all of their help today!