What We Did Today!

Tuesday, October 24

Today the kids matched the weather – sunny and bright!  Many kids were outside right away and stayed there the entire morning.  From what Sarah said, there was compromise, negotiating, and team work.  Everything one could hope for!  They were using the water to help with the “heavy work” they were doing.

We painted pumpkins and then washed them.  There were some beautiful color combinations as well as some experimental color mixing.  Bodhi was adamant about covering the entire pumpkin and he did such a great job, you would never have guessed that the pumpkin underneath was white!

There were chocolate cakes being baked in the oven (not on) by Isla and Eliza.  You could smell the chocolate throughout the room.  I have been promoting the play dough as a heavy work option.  It can help stop throwing, calm and center kids, and bring kids together creatively.

The dinosaurs were very loud roarers today!  Addy, Arlo, and Rowan seemed to out roar everyone else.  They were doing a super job playing together creating dinosaur skits and acting them out with the jungle as a back drop.  Sebastian joined in on occasion. 

River was making a marble run and Bash asked to join and the two of them created a pretty tall marble run which they then sent many marbles down.  Arlo and Rowan added to their run and it continued to evolve from there.

Clean-up and circle went well.  The kids are enjoying singing our Halloween songs and I frequently hear, “again, again!”  Have them share “I’m Stirring and stirring and stirring my brew.”  It is so fun to watch them!  We even read a Halloween story through to the end, listening well and answering questions.

My thanks to Lisa and Sarah for all of their help today!