What We Did Today!

Monday, October 23

Today we had an amazing first circle.  We talked about the pumpkin patch and what we remembered about it, so our new kids would have an idea of what to expect.  I am very excited as are the rest of the group.  From there, we went around the circle and each of us told how we were a like and how we were different from the person sitting next to us.  The kids are getting pretty good at this which in turn will help them accept differences as the norm.

At the art table, we finished up our self-portraits by adding our facial features.  We checked in mirrors to see what was on our head, what color it was, and how many and where on our head it was.  Please be sure to check these out!  They are hanging on the front bulletin board along with the Caterpillar Can Do Kids.

We were painting and washing pumpkins today.  The kids enjoy this process and it is fun to watch them.  Sometimes I think they enjoy the washing more than the painting!

Several of your kids went home with “tattoos”.  Avery and Otto created a tattoo shop, put up a sign, and then went around creating business.  They were having a great time stamping people’s hands and arms and their customers seemed to be impressed with their abilities.  This entire skit came out of some stamps and inkpads of Halloween creatures.  I love when they create skits like this on their own.

Spiders were hiding in the dry table full of leaves.  The job was to use the tweezers to pick-up as many spiders as they could with the tweezers.  Many kids were involved in this task and continued to search for the spiders, count the spiders and try to get the most spiders.  We soon found various places within the classroom that were infested with spiders.  We had to find someone who was not afraid of spiders to help get them back into the table.

My thanks to Julianna and Kymberli for all of their help today!