What We Did Today!

Friday, October 20

Today we celebrated Aesa’s 5th birthday with chocolate cake and a song.  The chocolate cake smelled delicious and from what I heard it was.  These bakers are getting better and better!

In morning circle, we talked about how we are different and how we are the same.  Many kids jumped right in to say how they are like one of their friends and how they are also different from that friend.  Visual characteristics are usually what preschoolers notice first, but games they like to play came up as well as families.  We worked on our self-portraits, deciding the shape of our heads and adding hair.

Outside, the kids were busy with the slide.  Not sliding down it, mind you, but coating it with a slippery sandy substance to make it even faster for the trucks going down.  They seemed to have a plan and were working as a team for quite a while.

Our colloid was being checked out again, this time with a little more understanding of what would happen.  I think the favorite part of the colloid for the kids is using the spatula to try and dig out the bottom.

There was a major feast in the kitchen brought out by Lucy.  Her guests seemed to be having a wonderful time and others were waiting to join.  Word of her cooking has gotten out to the rest of the preschool leaving her with not enough tables to entertain everyone.

The marble run was very busy, which you may have noticed at drop off.  Later several kids came back to it to create a bigger run by joining several.  The fine motor skills, not to mention physics, were being tested over and over as they worked through theories to make the marbles do as much as possible.

My thanks to Kacey and Michelle for all of their help today!