What We Did Today!

Monday, October 2

Today there was lots of energy.  Most of the conflicts were dealt with by the kids involved with little help from the adults in the room. 

At the play dough table there were pie and muffin makers.  Marcus was working on a blueberry pie while Otto was going for the mini muffins.  Others joined in creating various play dough foods and creatures. 

At the art table, we have been working on mixing paints, so today I had coffee filters felt pens and spray bottles of water.  The idea being that they would color designs then spray and see what new colors came from the mixture of felt pens.  There was minimal amount of interest, but what was done was pretty cool.

Outside, there was an intricate game that I was having difficulty understanding but was made up of about six kids.  They were using shovels to move sand from the small wagon to the slide much like you would cement.  After patting it down, Simon would yell stop and everyone would step back while Simon let one of the larger trucks run down the slide through the sand over the chair and into the dirt.  Then they would start again.  Communication skills, working together, give and take of ideas and finally an end result which everyone seemed happy with.

The train track is one of my favorite things.  I love to set up tracks to go different ways.  With my own boys as well as here, I had to pull myself out so that I didn’t take away from their learning and experiencing by setting up their own track.  Today, I was on my own so I took advantage of a messy area to plan a track with the pieces of track that were out.  By the time I was through, Marcus and Henry had joined me and were moving trains along the track.  I guess it is okay if it is only once in a blue moon.  And it did ignite an interest in the two getting them to work together for a bit.

My thanks to Michelle and Andrew for all of their help today.