What We Did Today!

Thursday, October 19

Today the kids came into the room and checked out the colloid in the water table.  They weren’t quite sure what to make of it.  It had spoons and cars in the muck that were really hard to get out.  Liam worked for a while moving what he found layered on the bottom from one end to the other.  Adam tested, poured, and moved cars in the bucket of colloid that he was working in with a quizzical look on his face. Many tested different ideas, but no one seemed to come to any conclusions.

Even on this dreary, drizzly day several kids headed outside.  I’m not quite sure what they were working on, but they had Jenny out there for a while.

We created Autumn trees at the art table using sponge brushes to paint leaves on a pre-cut tree.  We will hang these outside in the outer hall so be sure to check and see if your child made one.

The dinosaurs have become very popular with the kids and I frequently see three or four kids surrounding the forest, dinosaurs in hand, working together while solving problems. 

Addy, Jubilee, Eliza, and Rowan were building on the play mat.  They were using some buildings along with signs, trees, and people to create a city.  Again, problems arose that were dealt with during the play, many without adult help.

Pirates, mean pirates I was told, were making people walk the plank.  It was too cold for me so I chose to run for land.  They were not happy with me!

My thanks to Rachel and Jenny for all of their help today!