What We Did Today!

Wednesday, October 18

Today was another energetic day.  Lots of movement, lots of noise, and lots of learning, I hope.  We read through a book talking about all the different colors of skin which were named cinnamon, ginger, peach, chocolate, butterscotch etc.  We gave names to several of the colors the kids had mixed on Monday, honey, café au lait, strawberry.  Then the last of the kids to mix their skin color got to work mixing red, yellow, white, and black to get just the right tint of brown for their skin color.  Meanwhile, a few of those finished checked out the shape of their heads, I cut out the shape, they glued it on to a piece of paper and then studied their hair – color, length, curly or straight, bangs no bangs.  The hair was then added to the head leaving it ready for the facial features.

Outside, the kids were focused on the slide, trucks, boards, blocks and other things that may help them get the trucks to leap off of the slide.  No luck today but a great amount of team work and thinking went into this play.

I had set-up a colloid for the kids to mess with and see what they might detect.  They said the goo held the cars down and it was difficult to get them out although they did manage.  Some kids tested other vehicles like planes and helicopters to see what would happen.  It was reported that the boat didn’t stick but the plane did.  Eventually the colloid had been dumped from three of the four containers into either the last container or directly into the water table.  This will give them a new test ground their work.

After snack, we had free reading time while waiting until everyone was ready to move on.  I used to hear, “but I can’t read.”  To which I would respond, “you can read the pictures, what do you think they are saying?  Today, not a sound.  They are getting used to “reading” the books.  I want every child to believe he/she is a reader.

My thanks to Kerri and Kristen for all of their help today!