What We Did Today!

Tuesday, October 17

Today we celebrated Arlo’s birthday with lime cake and a song.  There were many bakers helping out and from what the kids said, it was definitely good.  We also read “Arlo Can… as our fourth can do kid. 

While Arlo’s cake was being made, I was outside with several kids working on various things.  Liam was busy filling containers with sand.  He was very careful to be sure that it was patted down well.  Rowan was fixing most of the play structure.  He was very aware of all that needed to be done.  Margot was attempting to climb the ladder that stops in the middle forcing kids to reach and stretch to get to the steering wheel.  We also made a platform that went from one of the rungs of the ladder to the play structure giving the kids another standing place.  Josie came out and was following Rowan throughout the outdoor area while she tried to figure out if his skeleton was scary or funny.  We set up a balance beam for the kids to follow which everyone took part in for quite a while.

Inside there was color mixing at the art table.  At this age they prefer to mix colors on their paper while exploring rather than in a separate dish which can create some amazing art.  Some were really involved with the dinosaurs while others were busy in the dramatic play creating feasts.  When Rowan came in from outside he said,” I don’t need snack I found a feast here on the table.”  And he continued to eat everything on the table!

Many of the kids are finally comfortable with the school, the kids, and me and so are testing some boundaries.  We will be watching for throwing, hiding, and taking for the next couple of weeks.  By then they will have decided that our expectations are consistent and will move on to the next phase of growth.

My thanks to Jennafer and Naomi for all of their help today!