What We Did Today!

Monday, October 16

Today was an interesting day.  Kids were working well together on various projects, although noisy, they did a great job listening during morning circle, and once we gave ourselves gigantic hugs and did some breathing we enjoyed a calmer snack.  However, some things began to fall apart at that point.

At first circle, we did a quick check in to see how everyone was feeling and then we read “We Are All Alike…We Are All Different” which was written by a Kindergarten class.  It mentions many of the ways we are alike – we are all people, have bodies, have families, live somewhere, eat and play.  Then it goes a step farther and says we are all different and describes how we are different in all of the categories above.  It finishes each of the categories asking the reader what they are like.

This is the beginning of our “All About Me” unit.  We will each create our own book describing ourselves through the same categories.  The first step was to mix our skin color.  I tell the kids that we are all a shade of brown.  We use red, yellow, white, and black to mix in various proportions until we think we have the correct skin color.  Today about half of the class completed this project.  The rest will finish on Wednesday.  It was so glorious outside, I didn’t have the heart to force the other half of the class inside to mix skin colors. 

From what Ali told me, there was much communication, creating, working together, and solving problems outside.  What I saw was team work, ideas being created to solve how to make the trucks go down the slide and continue on, and kids being involved and then pulling out when they were done in order to work on something else.  The rain barrel was creating some wet sand for play while others were relaxing in the hammock.

My thanks to Ali and Marya for all of their help today!