What We Did Today!

Thursday, October 12

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  I appreciate your letting me work with your children.  They are amazing!  Today I only took three pictures.  Usually this is because I am busy helping to solve problems, breaking up bad situations, or calming a sad child.  Today it was because I was running around finding things for kids that had an idea, but needed…, or wanted to sign up for snack and could I tell them what comes next, or would you help me with a puzzle which brought in two other kids for a group effort.  It was wonderful to watch.  We read “Bash Can …” in circle today.  The Can Do Kids are going up onto the front bulletin board once I have read them to the group.  Be sure you check them out the next time you are in class.

At the art table, we worked with very runny paint in red, blue, and yellow in order to mix them by way of tipping the tray they were on.  This caused two things to occur, first some of the colors mixed, and second as the paint ran, it became something like a subway plan showing each of the lines and where they ended, who they crossed and where they ended,

On Tuesday, Jubilee brought me a big basket of acorns to use in the classroom.  I added them to the walnuts, horse chestnuts, and other loose parts in the kitchen to be used for making spectacular meals.  River, Stella, and Bash all used them in their cooking.  Although messy, the kids seem to really like having something that they can mix together in a bowl while pretending to cook.

The baby bath is still popular although it may be time to try something different soon.  It’s wonderful to see the kids who gently whip and wash the babies, talking with them as they do.

My thanks to Lisa and Kari for all of their help today!