What We Did Today!

Wednesday, October 11

Today much was going on – calmly going on!  Outside Josh and many of the kids had settled into driving the trucks down the slide.  This turned into crashing the trucks into a chair at the bottom of the slide.  And finally, adding a bench to the bottom creating a “u” which sent the trucks flying into the air.  They were having a great time and spent most of their time outside working together to make it work.

Inside, we had some runny paint in the primary colors and paper on a tray.  The idea was to spoon a bit of the paint onto the paper then tip the tray back and forth while the paint ran in different ways, mixing with other colors as it went.  I thought this was a great process as without being directive, the kids would be able to notice how the colors mixed and made new colors.  Well, the kids had other plans which created a lack of trays so we had to put the paint away.  This didn’t stop the kids, next thing I know kids are coming to the table looking for glue, ribbon, cardboard, and crayons.  Avery had been cutting the flaps of a box and Otto bent one into a tent and taped it together.  Having seen this, Lillian wanted a box to create with.  I didn’t have a box, but I had cardboard which she said would work.  Hence, the need for glue, ribbon, cardboard, and crayons!  Now that is what I call learning!  Both for me and the kids involved!

The babies were washed and diapered. Cooks were mixing loose parts to create various delicacies, and the band was going wild.  After four days of extra energy, I was concerned I didn’t have enough to do, but I was given some problems to help solve making me feel useful again.

Oh, I almost forgot, ask your kids what their germ garden looked like, they were fantastic!  My thanks to Kelly and Josh for all of their help today!