What We Did Today!

Tuesday, October 10

Today was a fun day.  We still had some loud and busy children, but they are beginning to feel comfortable enough to say no, not listen, and test me.  As each one tests me for the limits, we will begin to get back to a normal, for preschoolers, day.

Outside, River was racing trucks down the slide which, as you know, has been a regular game for these kids.  Each time one stopped, I moved it aside, but directly across from where it landed so that we could keep track of which truck went the farthest.  This went on for quite a while during which, Josie joined in and was lugging up two trucks at a time to the slide.  The two of them kept this up until River decided to have a snack.  Also outside was Liam, Jubilee, and Adam working very hard in the sand box digging and mixing in the bucket.

The art process was around melting crayons again, only this time the kids were sharpening crayons (good fine motor skills) and laying the shavings on wax paper to be ironed.  The final product was cut out by the child to create whatever they wanted.  They used some beautiful combinations of colors!

The babies were washed and washed and washed then sometimes dried, diapered and dressed.  The warm soapy water and gentle movements calmed several kids for a bit.

Dramatic play is always a favorite and today was no different.  The cooks were mixing the foods and the loose parts (various nuts and cones) to create new food. 

We read our first “Can Do Kids” pages today.  We found out what Sebastian can do and what Josie can do!  If you haven’t yet noticed the paper in your mail slots, be sure to check on Thursday.  This is a quick and fun homework assignment for the whole family to take part in.  We try to read them when you are helping so that you can be there to see how proud you children are about what the can do by themselves!

My thanks to Angie and Trisha for all of their help today!