Friday, December 7 - What We Did Today!

Today we read “All About Me” by Bodhi McIntyre and “All About Me” by Una Solmon.  The kids are really excited when it is their book being read.  I am trying to ask those listening questions about the book that help to show how they are the same and how they are different.

I was working on a special project with the kids at the art table, so I wasn’t around to see a lot of what was happening, but things seemed to be moving smoothly.  The kids really enjoyed their project and were happy to be having their turn.  The bubber at the play dough table is still a big hit.  There were dreidels, snow people, menorahs, and trees cut out of the dough.   If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so, it is an amazing texture.

Lisa had quite a few kids outside creating what looked like a very fun obstacle course.  Rowan and Bash were there until I had to force them in for clean-up!

All of these kids have been working well with each other lately.  They are solving their own problems, switching partners back and forth throughout play, and trying new things!  My thanks to Rachel and Lisa for all of their help today!

Thursday, December 6 - What We Did Today!

This group is awesome!  We were working on a special project for our families, so I didn’t get to see much of what was happening, but I couldn’t help but hear much of what was going on inside.

First of all, we were lucky to have Josh, Elliette’s Dad, talk with the kids about Hanukkah and dreidels.  He brought each of them their very own dreidel and they were busy practicing for quite a while before placing it in their cubby only to be brought out again later for more practicing!

Ali was outside almost the entire morning with many kids.  She told me that they were working really well working together and problem solving when there were difficulties.

The water table has a foam pad in it with soap and water on top.  I could see the proprioceptive senses working overtime with a couple of the kids as they pushed down on the 4 inches of foam bringing up warm soapy water. 

The sensory table had bubber today.  It looks a bit like play dough, but it is more like kinetic sand, solid one minute than slipping into a liquid like form.  Kids were using various cookie cutters to create shapes.

We read about out last “Can Do Kid” today, Seyi.  All twelve of our “Can Do Kids” are now up on the bulletin board in the front of the room.  Invitations for the winter celebration went home today.  Be sure to search for it so you know the time and the place.  I talked with the kids about what fruit and veggie they would like to bring and was happy to hear a variety of answers giving us a good chance our soup will not be strictly carrot, nor will out fruit salad be apple!

My thanks to George and Ali for all of their help today!

Wednesday, December 5 - What We Did Today!

This group continues to grow!  They are loud and energetic, but very involved with each other and the environment.

In circle today, we recapped Diwali, Winter Solstice, and Hanukkah then talked about Santa Lucia.  The Saint of Light, St. Lucy, is celebrated in the Scandinavian countries especially Sweden.  The oldest daughter of the family dresses in white with a crown of lights on her head to wake up the parents and serve them breakfast.

We didn’t go very far into the celebration, but we did use an orange and a flash light to explain why so many of the winter celebrations involve bringing back the light.  It gets very dark in the Northern Hemisphere in winter!

Outside, Kristin had anywhere from two to seven kids playing in the sunny, cold outdoors.  They were finding new ways to use the coaster from the roller coaster while also creating bigger ramps then ever before with the help of the slide.

Inside, Brad was working with those that were interested in making a crown of candles for Santa Lucia Day.  Several kids joined in creating various styles of crowns.  Lex, once finished, created an amazing collage with various papers that he cut in to different sizes and taped or stapled together. 

I was working with kids that were interested in recreating diyas as the previous diyas had been hammered into chunks of clay by a caterpillar student.  Most of the kids weren’t fazed which surprised me, because I was still trying to let it go.

Today we read “All About Me” by Lex Hutcheson, “All About Me” by Simon Darmofal, and “All About Me” by Molly Herbst.  My thanks to Brad and Kristin for all of their help today!

Monday, December 3 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids, although loud, were still working mainly together.  In circle, I told the story of Hanukkah and the miracle of the oil.  As a way to revisit this, we made donuts cooking them in hot oil all the while talking about how many days the oil lasted and why that was amazing.

Because this took the entire free time, I didn’t make it outside to see what the kids were up to.  Lisa told me that they had built an obstacle course that they were enjoying.

Inside, besides the donuts, Brittni was working with each kid to design an invitation to our winter celebration.  We used blue paint and a dreidel.  I noticed that some kids spun the dreidel to spread the paint, while others used the dreidel as a way to stroke the paint on the paper once again showing how we are all alike and we are all different!

We were able to read three of our All About Me books to the class today.  We read “All About Me” by Addy Jones, “All About Me” by Sebastian Riggs, and “All About Me” by Eliza Jones.

We are also reading our books to each other with the idea that we will discover more about each other as well as practice reading.  My thanks to Brittni and Lisa for all of their help today!

Friday, November 30 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids had a great day.  There was some conflict, but that’s what we are here for.  They were loud and energetic but playing and working well together.  Even in circle, they each shared something with the circle which included anything from what they wanted for Christmas to how they were feeling.  They sat through a summary of Diwali, diyas, and light before we talked about the winter solstice or Yule, and the candles and evergreens that represent light and return of the harvest.

At the art table, Angie worked with those that wanted to make a Solstice candle.  Despite being a project more than a process, I love to see how different they all turn out.

Aaron was outside the entire time working with kids creating something to do with Yeti’s.  If Mark only knew what he started with the Yeti traps, I think he would be surprised at the direction this play has gone.

I was working with all of the kids to bind their books.  We used a simple two holes and yarn to do this.  The kids had a bit of time to check out their books before returning them to me.

After snack, we read our books to each other.  We will continue to do this for the next two weeks getting use to reading pictures while learning about each other.  We will be able to see how we are a like and how we are different.

Today we read our first All About Me book.  This one was written by Margot Zieske.  Feel free to have the kids read their books to you when you are in the classroom.  Many of them are very proud of themselves!

My thanks to Angie and Aaron for all of their help today!

Thursday, November 29 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids started out evenly spit with four outside digging, four inside taking care of babies, and for setting up a train track.  This lasted for a while at which point, they moved and joined others or decided to work at the art table.

At the art table, we were making Winter Solstice candles.  In this class, I don’t go into detail about the Winter Solstice, but we still get to make some of the projects.

One of my favorite observations today was outside.  I was just checking out what was going on.  There were five to six kids up in the play structure.  They were dangling a rope over the edge.  After a few attempts to catch and eat me, Morrie asked me to attach the rope to one of the roller coaster pieces.  I looped the rope around and next thing I know five kids are above pulling the rope to lift the 2 ½ x 3 ½ piece of plastic up toward the top of the structure and over the banister.  They were so proud of themselves that they asked me to loop another big piece.  This one was also lifted over the ledge, but Cordelia remarked that there wasn’t enough room in the structure to pull any more pieces up.  They stopped for a bit and thought about what they could do about that.  There were three different solutions from the five of them.  One of them suggested they stand them up against the edge to save room.  Another thought they could drop it down the slide.  And the third decided that they could pull it up then drop it down the slide and then pull it up again.  Amazing work problem solving!

My thanks to Keri and Michael for all of their help today!

Wednesday, November 28 - What We Did Today!

Wednesday, November 28

With our meeting tonight, this will be a short note.  There is still a lot of energy in these kids and they have not yet been able to get back into the structured routine.  Despite this, they are very busy and appear to be having a great time.

Circle is not easy for them right now, but we make a go of it anyway.  Today I wanted to talk with them about the Winter holidays.  We will be learning about the different holidays throughout the next two weeks.  We will focus on Diwali, Winter Solstice (Yule), Hanukah, St. Nicholas Day, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and St. Lucia Day.  This is another way for us to discover how we are all a like and all different.  Una dressed in a Sari for the class to see Indian clothing and we talked about how dark it is in the Winter and how candle light brightens a room.

At the art table, we used clay to make diyas (dee-yas), candle holders used to light up the darkness during Diwali.  Many of the kids worked very hard making a pinch pot for a candle to fit into and then adding designs with various tools.

We are almost finished with our All About Me books which we will be reading over the next two weeks.  We are only missing a couple of recipes written by preschool kids.

Outside, I think they were working on Yeti traps again, but I was so busy inside I didn’t get out to check in.  My thanks to Bevin and Kyle for all of their hard work today!

(So much for short!)

Tuesday, November 27 - What We Did Today!

Today we read about our Can-Do Kid June!  Many of the Can-Do Kids are beginning to put on their shoes and socks, so I asked them which was harder, putting on socks or putting on shoes.  Those that answered said socks were harder with one shoe person.  Is your Can-Do Kid putting on shoes and socks?  Watch how they are doing it.  Where do they seem to be having trouble, the heel of the sock? The back of the shoe?  Problem solve with them to find ideas that may make it easier.  Once they’ve tested out their solution, reflect with them on how it went.  Did it work?  Do we need to problem solve again?  This is an important practice for them to learn to use – problem solve, theory, test, reflect.

Outside today, there was a lot of traps being created when all of a sudden, I hear Oliver telling us he is making a sculpture.  He has four blocks stacked one on top of the other, dirt he and James have dug up and placed on the top of the stack, a large board on top of that going horizontally and more dirt shoveled on top of the board!  When he decides he is done, he takes off the horizontal board along with all of the dirt on top of it, and let’s us know that now it is done.  The point of the horizontal board was to pack the dirt down on the top of the sculpture!  Amazing thinking process.

We worked with clay for the first time and Griffin had almost a full table for about an hour.  They were mainly enjoying the texture and playing with the clay.  I enjoyed watching them and listening in to what they were saying.

My thanks to Griffin and Amber for all of their help today!

Friday, November 16 - What We Did Today!

Today we worked on raising “quiet” hands in circle.  This is not an easy task for kids.  It entails being able to do three things at once.  You have to remember what you want to say, raise a hand, and try not to talk all while you are excited to share your information.  Oh, yeah, and stay seated.  Today there was noticeable improvement over last week!

Brittni was outside with several kids who were out the entire free time.  I noticed some mountain climbing and tree climbing.  Eliza told me she was working on Yeti traps, but I must have missed that.

At the art table, Lisa was also busy throughout free time.  The kids were adding leaves and crayon shavings to a piece of wax paper and then Lisa added a second sheet of wax paper and ironed everything together.  Some of the kids decided they wanted to make their art into necklaces, so they cut or had their paper cut into a shape, punched a hole, and added string.

At the same time, the Hart tubes were available for set-up, play dough was ready to go and there were leaf rubbings available.  Josie and Gus had a dance party in the loft while Una was taking care of four babies under the loft.

Liam made an arrow out of wood and nails and decided to paint it.  Simon decided to make one too.  This gave Molly an idea, and although she didn’t make and arrow, she also made something out of wood and painted it.

By the end of the day, we went around our circle and ask everyone what they were thankful for.  Their answers reminded me once again how thankful I am to have each and everyone of them in my life!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

My thanks to Lisa and Brittni for all of their help today!

Thursday, November 15 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Knox’s third birthday with a song and chocolate cake!  Knox was not thrilled with the song but seemed to enjoy the cake.  Our bakers continue to improve upon their abilities.

I was outside while Griffin was helping with the cake.  It was great to see what was happening in our little space of earth, trees and sky.  When I started out, most of the kids headed in to help with the cake, but Alex stayed out making cupcakes and sea horse pie.  Later when Baker came to join us, he headed for the little shaded area under the trees and proclaimed it was a tent.  There, Alex served us tea and coffee.  Baker said, “girls don’t drink coffee”, hence the tea.  Morrie came out next and began moving wood.  I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was clearing the area.  I asked him if he was going to build something, “Yeah, a house!”  At that point, we brought over long boards to place horizontally between two support posts.  Every once in a while, he would say, “This is for stabilizing the wall,” and he would set the board at an angle from the ground up to the top of our wall to hold it in place.  From then on, stabilizing became the most important part of the job.  Oliver joined in and also began stabilizing although, I’m not sure he knew what he was doing.

Inside, Melinda was working with many kids while they created crayon shavings to put onto wax paper a long with a leaf before ironing it shut.  These will be beautiful hanging in windows or from string attached to the ceiling.

Elliette and Seyi were busy in the dramatic play making tea and toast for anyone who was hungry, Baker and I both took a moment to enjoy this offering!

My thanks to Melinda and Griffin for all of their help today!

Wednesday, November 14 - What We Did Today!

Today the mood was loud and energetic.  Several kids started out really excited about the Hart tubes in the water table.  I love to watch the kids as they try to figure out where the water will go once they pour it into the pipe!  Our set-up allows for some changes in tube sizes and types giving the kids some freedom as to how they want it set-up.  All of the kids checked it out at least one time during the day with several working off and on all day.

During first circle, we worked on drawings of our time with Jennifer the woodworking teacher.  The kids dictated to us what they liked about the woodworking class.  I will photo copy these and sent them to Jennifer as a thank you, while the originals will go into another book we will be writing about our community.

Outside, Jessie was working with some of the kids who built the Yeti traps on Friday.  I don’t think he was too keen on being the test Yeti.  Inside, there was a lot of play dough activity.  The creations at the table are becoming quite intricate.  Rowan and Sebastian worked really hard for a while as well as Lex.

Sebastian, Bodhi, and Bash were wanting to run around the classroom, but with all of the sharp corners, they weren’t able to, so they found another way to get the input they wanted.  First, they hopped around the rug and then they skipped.  I was able to keep them in a safer environment for awhile before they needed to mush play dough again!

The dry table has various painted rocks and glass rocks along with the pirate ship.  For some of the kids, this becomes all about the pirate ship, while for others it is about finding all of the treasure.  The scrips change based on the individuals’ interests.

My thanks to Aaron and Jessie for all of their help today!

Tuesday, November 13 - What We Did Today!

Today there were several new options set up for the kids.  I changed out the dry table to painted and glass rocks and added the pirate ship and orcas.  The kids were busy searching for treasure, gold rocks, and/or glass rocks of specific colors.  They were loading up the ship with rocks or carrying rocks in buckets.  Harlan had an entire crew listening to whatever she had to say!

The water table is now the home of pipes of various sizes, connectors, funnels and cups.  Today I set up the pipes for the kids to investigate.  I heard lots of “where did the water go?”  “how do I get it over there?” and “why isn’t it coming out here?”.  All good inquiry questions.  From there, they were able to research (follow the pipes), and problem solve.  Many of the kids spent most of their time at the water table right up until the end of snack.

Baker and Lisette were outside for a while, but it was too cold for most of the kids.  We read about two Can Do Kids - Oliver and Baker.  We are posting these on the front bulletin board once they have been read to the group.  Be sure to get your child’s Can-Do homework in soon, so that we can share it with the class and hang it up.

My thanks to Michelle and Debbie for all of their help today!

Friday, November 9 - What We Did Today!

I enjoyed today so much, even with the loud and rowdy gym time!  These kids showed me how much they could do independently as well as in a team.

After circle, the kids independently split into three groups, one to the art table, one to the sensory table, and the last outside.  It turned out to be a split of seven outside and seven inside and stayed that way throughout the morning even though the kids themselves moved in and out.

Nathanial was working with kids at the art table painting with chalk.  The interest in this only lasted about 15 minutes at best.   At that time, they headed over to the sensory table where three or four kids were helping me make some new play dough.  When the next group headed over, we had finished, but they wanted to help also, so we made another batch.  For a while, all seven were hanging at the play dough table creating, cutting, or making blob-blobs. 

I headed outside to see what was happening outside.  Wow!  The first time I went out, they had begun to make a Yeti trap.  Mark had volunteered to be the Yeti dummy and test out the trap.  At this point it was made up of boards set up like balance beams with dirt on top.  I was told that the dirt was to make the Yeti slip and get caught.  The next time I came out, it was twice as long and had pieces going off the balance beams to confuse the Yeti or possibly to be an additional trap.  All I know is that poor Mark did more testing then the crash dummies!  The last time I was outside, I took a video to show you the extent these kids went to in creating the trap. Be sure to watch it.

The interesting thing for me, was that the kids changed throughout the process.  The seven that started slowly returned to the classroom as those at the sensory table began switching to outside.  A few stayed in place the entire time, but most kept the Yeti trap going when they joined outside. 

My thanks to Nathanial and Mark for all of their help today!

Oops, they won’t let me post the video! Sorry!


Thursday, November 8 - What We Did Today!

Today was a fascinating day for me.  I wandered a lot and watched as the kids moved around grouping and regrouping at different centers.  In general, they created their own centers as they passed through.  This was most clear in the car, train, and truck area.

At first only Knox stopped in.  He found the blocks stacked in an unusual way and immediately found a way to add a board allowing him to race his car down the now present ramp.  This kept him busy for quite a while.

Eventually, Morrie came over started building with the train tracks.  Oliver joined him and as they continued, they discovered a train mystery.  They couldn’t find a way to add track to one of the overpasses.  Boy, did I blow it!  I showed them how there was a piece that slides forward for adding track.  As soon as I stood up to watch, Ali told me they had been wondering and working on this for a while.  They had been problem solving and working together to find the answer.  As I said, boy did I blow it!  They probably would have figured it out on their own with a bit more time.

As they worked more on the train track, Lisette and Baker joined in.  They were mainly interested in the train track and trains while Morrie was starting to find ramps to use within the set-up.  Everyone was still working well together, but it was getting a bit crowded.

James came in at the edge of the area and noticed that I had moved a board to make room for the others with the train.  He picked it up and leaned it on the writing table creating a ramp for cars – different from Knox’s but still a ramp.  He then added a gutter drain from the opposite side essentially creating an x with the board and the ramp.  He took turns putting the cars down first the board and then the drain.  Morrie was trying to leave and when James moved one of the ramps, Morrie said it was too crowded to keep working.

The fascinating part for me was that this process went on from 10:15 to 10:55!  No arguments that needed adult interference.  At one point everyone was working together and at other times there were two or three groups working in the same space but doing different things.

My thanks to Alicia and Ali for all of their help today!

Wednesday, November 7 - What We Did Today!

Today we talked about our favorite foods.  We checked out some fruits and vegetables in an A to Z fruits and veggies book.  Then we made a favorite food collage to add to our books.  Not surprisingly, mac and cheese and Spaghetti were very popular.

Outside, there was a group of Ninjas.  They were practicing their sword play.  Unfortunately for me, they were using me as the practice dummy.  This is a normal development for many kids.  It is a chance for them to test out their power and ability to keep safe and protect themselves. 

Today’s game of Ninja had three players.  When one player approached a new player and pointed his stick, the new player said, “I don’t like that!”  This allowed me to remind everyone that if others don’t want to play you need to stop.  This group told the new person that they were ninjas and asked if she wanted to play.  She said yes, and the game continued without incident for about 15 minutes.

One of the kids pretended to stab another saying, “I won.”  When the player was obviously upset about “not winning” the first replied, “this time you can win”, at which point he started the process again showing her where to stab him.  She did and said, “I win!”

Now, I could have stopped this play as soon as I saw the sticks being picked up but look at what they would have missed out on.  Conflict resolution, team playing, and problem solving at least.  Who knows what else they picked up regarding treating each other with respect and listening to one another.

If you notice kids “fighting” and are not sure whether to stop it, step back and watch for a bit.  Is anyone trying to leave the play?  Are their faces relaxed and happy or angry and tense?  I like to ask the participants if they are playing a game.  This gives kids who are uncomfortable with the play to say “no” at which point I will suggest to the others that they find someone who would like to play that game.

My thanks to Kristen and Trisha for all of their help today!

Tuesday, November 6 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Seyi’s 3rd birthday with confetti cake and a song. We started our day with the water table.  Most of the kids were hanging there from the time they walked in until it was time to make the cake.  There were 7 kids surrounding the table most of the time.  The interest was water beads.  They are polymers that absorb water growing as they do.  We have them in multiple colors creating a great visual display never mind the textural experience.

At the art table, we had grated chalk in various colors, water and cotton swabs for painting.  The kids were interested at first, but then making the cake or playing in the sun became higher interests!

Outside, the sun was out, and Alex, Morrie, Harlan, and Oliver were digging for buried treasure or worms which, for some of them, is the same thing.  Morrie went away with a pocket of treasures (no worms, I promise!)  Cordelia, June, and Baker were climbing Mt. Everest using the slide and a rope.  I was chanting grab, pull, step over and over until they made it to the top!

Morrie and Oliver had decided to go down the roller coaster backwards by turning the car around at the top and kicking off.  There were a few jolts as they veered too close to the red box and stopped dead!  We talked about why they thought they were going off course, but they didn’t get too far into the mechanics of weight shifting.  Something to bring up another time.

Inside, I noticed Knox using blocks to build something for his cars.  He was creating a bumpy road out of castle blocks. Harlan and Baker joined him with the cars only using the garage instead of the blocks for the cars to go down.  Elliette, Seyi, and Lisette were in the dramatic play area making food.  I think they managed to use every piece of food we have!

My thanks to Ayo and George for all of their help!


Monday, November 5 - What We Did Today!

Today we talked about homes.  We read a book called “Homes” and then talked about what our homes looked like – were they houses, apartments, tents?  What shapes were they – did they have a flat roof or a triangular roof?  What color were they?  From there, they went to the art table and drew their rendition of their homes with pencil.  Once getting the details complete, the kids painted their home with water color paint.  They look awesome and will be a part of their All About Me books.

Outside, Brad had many kids.  He was playing a Yeti and chasing after the kids.  They, of course, loved every minute of it.  I was surprised when I was able to bring some in to draw their homes!

Inside, Addy and Eliza were making food for some finger puppets, Simon was building with the Legos, and Molly was building with Magna Tiles.  I was at the play dough table with Una for a bit working with a mixture of black and purple play dough.

The water table was filled with warm water and Rowan thought it would be great to put a can drum into the table.  When I mentioned that the drum belonged to someone and I didn’t want to ruin it, I asked if any large tin can would work.  I found two cans and added them to the water then found several measuring cups.  The kids enjoyed filling up the cans using the measuring cups.  After a while, we discovered one of the cans wouldn’t stay filled.  After checking out the can, we found two holes in the base of the can that the water must have been coming out of, but because the can was sitting in the water, we couldn’t see the water escaping.

My thanks to Cheryl and Brad for all of their help!

Friday, November 2 - What We Did Today!

Today we had our special guest!  Jennifer from Wood working with Children also works at Catlin Cable as the wood working teacher for the younger group.  She has been coming to Irvington almost as long as I have been here. 

Most of the kids stayed and learnt about the various tools, what they are called, and what their job is.  From there, Jennifer sent them to the wood box to choose some wood.  The main idea is to have them connect two pieces together, but Simon said he needed more than two pieces.  I asked him if he had a plan.  He did, so we headed to the writing table to draw a diagram of his plan.  From there, there was no stopping him.  His design changed a bit as he put the pieces together, but only for the better.

Liam put two pieces together trying both the hammer and the screwdriver.  It followed this up by using the saw to cut one of the boards (he was the only one to use the saw!)  When he was finished, I asked him if he wanted to add anything or make it into something.  He decided he would like to add wheels.  He chose some beads that Jennifer had in her box and attached them to the sides.

As most kids decide to start by attaching their two pieces in the shape of a cross, we have many airplanes.  Bodhi and Margot were both flying the pieces on test flights once they finished.  Others, like Josie and Bash, were so excited and proud of themselves for hammering nails all the way into the wood without any help that the experience was all they needed.  Others like Lex and River continued to add things on to their original two-piece connection creating many connections with both screws and nails!

Eliza waited until it was quieter and fewer people were working at the benches before she chose a triangular piece of wood and used screws and a screw-drill to add beads in a decorative manner.

My thanks to Talieson and Brittni for all of their help today!

Thursday, November 1 - What We Did Today!

Today we had our special guest!  Jennifer from Wood working with Children also works at Catlin Cable as the wood working teacher for the younger group.  She has been coming to Irvington almost as long as I have been here.  I love having her for many reasons.  The main reason is that she works so well with this age group!  She knows they may be crazy or calm, interested or not, and persistent or easily turned off.  The second reason is what a great example she is for the girls in the group.  It is always nice to see someone doing something that would be considered non-stereotypical!

I wasn’t sure how it would go at first as several kids would rather just get down to the business at hand and play, but once they were sent to pick out some wood, they jumped right in.  At this age, we typically see a piece of wood with a nail and or screw embedded, and there was some of that.  But we also had a duck (planned and executed), a helicopter, a plane, a house, and a dinosaur!  Pretty amazing for this age group.

The special guest took up most of the day, so we only had a bit of time for free time.  I was outside with several kids.  They were digging and driving trucks off of the slide.  Inside, many kids were working with the cars and the garage.  Their play with the garage evolves each day, so I am never sure what I will see in that area.  Today we had the opportunity to work on conflict resolution!  As the kids become more comfortable, they will begin to test their power within the classroom.  This gives me a great opportunity to work with kids on feeling empowered to stop something that they don’t like as well as to help an aggressive child find alternative ways to work with others.

James was using a piece of downspout as a ramp for some of the cars.  He tested the best way to drive the cars (on top or inside), the best angle to use (straight up and down didn’t work very well), and whether it was better outside or inside (outside their were less kids trying to put their cars down the ramp at the same time as he was)!

My thanks to Dustin and Amber for all of their help today and for all of the thoughtful birthday wishes!