Thursday, March 21 - What We Did Today!

Today we were missing two kids, leaving us with only 10 and three adults.  Taking that into account as well as the fact that this class takes care of itself, I had a lot of opportunities to hang with the kids.  There were many different conversations which I don’t always get to have.  It was great!

Lisette was able to write her book, My Family, and we read it at last circle.  Both Lisette’s and Harlan’s books are on display in the library.  Pick one up and read with the author, they love to let you know all about themselves.

At the art table, Amber was working with the kids creating hats for spring.  They were amazing.  Several of the kids were sporting their hats once they had dried.

The bubbles in the water table brought up some great conversations.  James was working hard with the metal ring as he was attempting to create a dome bubble on the surface of the water and also a “bubble mirror” in the ring.  Lisette reminded them that they could put their hand through the bubble while it was on the ring, so many kids were attempting this, not always with success. 

Working at the bakery, the kids were making cookies, pies and cakes.  Cordelia made two cupcakes, one for an adult and one for a kid.  Seyi started with heart shaped cookies, rolling out the dough, sometimes blending the dough to make it wide enough for the cookie cutter, and then baking them in the oven.  Elliette was working on a cake.

Oliver, Baker, and Alex were outside for a while though I didn’t get out to see what they were up to.  June and Harlan, after creating their bonnets, dressed up and headed for the box.  Alex and June had already told me where to cut some windows, and now, Harlan and June decorated the inside with pillows, helmets, and musical instruments.  They were rocking out at one point, enjoying the space and their music.

My thanks to Amber and George for all of their help today!

Wednesday, March 20 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids were comparable to a hurricane.  Well, not really, but close.  The energy a lone could have heated the entire neighborhood (once I figure out how to harness it!)  I would like to think it was due to the first day of spring or possibly the sun.  I will know more on Friday.

First circle was tough.  We had tight quarters with our giant box in the circle area which did not help hands to stay in laps.  Then, trying to get it quiet was near impossible.  Songs didn’t work, hands in the air didn’t work, finally we tried volcano breaths which also left much to be desired.  So, we cut it short and moved on.

Outside was a busy place when Jake first headed out.  Sebastian, Bash, Gus, and Rowan were playing the Yeti game, but lately, Sebastian has been the Yeti which has given the helpers a break.  It is not easy to be a Yeti in a preschool.  Simon and Liam were testing gravity while running their cars up the slide and into the structure.  This had to be curtailed a bit when they began flying over the structure and landing very close to others.  River, Bash, Sebastian, and Rowan were digging in the sand box and began using the water.  This brought many kids over for a bit before snack time.

The art table had few visitors.  There were any number of flowers, leaves, beads, ribbons, feathers and other miscellaneous tools for making spring hats.   As kids checked out the art table, they noticed the play dough bakery and headed right over.  There are so many great things that play dough offers the kids, I can’t imagine not having it.  The water table has been collecting soap to make bubbles with.  The favorite tool is still the metal ring although there is a tube that is a close second.  There was a family living in the dramatic play area.  Gus was the only one to decide what to do with the large box.  He told me that he wanted it to be a tunnel house.  He showed me where he would like the window to be, then padded the tunnel with pillows and added items to make it more of a home.

My thanks to Nathaniel and Jake for all of their help today!

Tuesday, March 19 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids floated through the classroom doing various things for about 45 minutes before heading outside for the glorious sunshine.  Once there, they were building a pathway that they then practiced walking on.  They noticed that it was wobblier on the dirt than it was on the green turf.  I asked why that was and Cordelia said because of the rain.  Now, if you take that at face value, you might say, “but it’s not raining.”  But if you think several steps ahead, you may say, “because of the rain the dirt is uneven or bumpy, so the wood is not flat like it is on the turf.”  Aha! 

Inside, I was able to help Seyi with the writing of her book.  She did a great job!  We will read it when her family is parent helping.  Get those pictures in or email them to me and I can print them out for you.

The art table was a project using yarn and liquid starch to create a design.  At the play dough table, a lot of bakers were cooking away creating all sorts of goodies.  The water table has soapy water and lots of bubble blowing equipment.  One of the favorite pieces is a metal ring.  As it is pulled out of the water, it creates bubble on top of the water like a dome and it has bubble solution in the ring itself.  By the end of the day, there was so many suds, I couldn’t find any of the equipment.

I brought in one of the biggest boxes I’ve ever had.  It was someone’s sofa box.  I didn’t give the kids any direction, but I was hoping someone would think about making a rocket ship.  After hiding inside for a bit, it was left alone until Morrie decided it should be flat.  He worked very hard taking off tape and pushing on the ends.  As it finally gave way, he had created a tunnel that he crawled through and hid.  During circle, we used it to put our pillows on!

My thanks to Judy and Jason for all of their help today!

Monday, March 18 - What We Did Today!

Today in first circle, many of the kids wanted to share with the group.  Liam shared about how he backed up his team mate at T-ball practice.  Then Eliza shared a map she had of downtown Portland.  She laid the map out on the rug and showed us where Pioneer Place Shopping was located.  She told us she had gone there over the weekend.  Other kids quickly jumped in saying, “Hey that’s the tram!  I was on the tram yesterday.” Or “I was at the zoo.  Where is the zoo?”  It was so great to see them figuring out where things were by asking a friend or searching themselves.

Outside in the glorious weather, Kristen hung while various kids came and went.  There was the shooting alien game, the sweeper game, and the Yeti game going.  They were also climbing the ladder in the trees as well as the trees themselves.

Inside, I wandered while Violet was working at the art table first and later moved to the play dough with about four bakers cooking for her.  There was pizza, cookies, cake, and probably anything you might like to eat.  Turns were taken to use the oven as more and more goodies were made.

In the café, Lex was enjoying a light lunch made for him by Eliza while Addy just had tea.  Liam took the money.  As Addy moved on, Lex and Eliza went from café to house and were quickly married.  Bodhi joined them as their play became more involved.  First, they were putting out a fire, but that caused them to miss the fireworks.  Lex said we can make our fireworks and the three of them went right to work.

Gus did an amazing job building a marble run which brought other kids to the area to build as well.My thanks to Violet and Kristen for all of their help today!

Thursday, March 14 - What We Did Today!

Today we were busy making rockets!  It was so fun to stand back and watch as the kids worked through their ideas about how to create a 3-D object based on an idea or picture.  Dustin had a lot of activity at the table as one child would notice what another had created and wanted to try also.

The class seemed at first to be broken into three groups of four although the kids in each group may have changed during the activity.  For instance, while four kids were building rockets, there were four at the play dough table with Alycia.  They were busy writing their names using play dough.  This shifted a bit when members came and went.  The last I saw were bakers making cakes, pizza, and other things.  They put them in the oven and watched as the timer counted down.  A great way for them to learn how long a minute is (because, of course, each of these only needed to cook for 1 minute!) 

Over at the dry table, there were four kids at a zoo feeding the wild animals.  They were creating various scenarios for the zoo keeper to interact with the animals.  Of course, there is always how the animals interact with each other which changed based on who was creating the scenario!

At other times, the groups moved to the moon where kitties on the moon will surely be a sitcom soon.  The final part of free play for me, was working with Harlan as she wrote her book.  She did a fabulous job and we were able to read it to the class as well.  As you get your pictures into me, we will be writing your child’s book about family.  My thanks to Dustin and Alycia for all of their help today!

Wednesday, March 13 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Lex’s birthday with a song and banana cake!  I was in charge of the cake with no help, when Josie took pity on me and started helping.  Bodhi joined in not too much later and the three of us made an awesome banana cake.

The loft has been turned in to the moon or space, and the kids had a great time up there.  Several crews landed and returned to earth throughout the day.  We read a bit about the rocket that NASA astronauts took to the moon and found out some of the tools they needed while in space.  Rowan, Bodhi, Molly and Josie built a rocket ship to take to our moon then blasted off.

At the art table, the task was to build something they might need if they were going to the moon.  Some kids made rockets, but most built jet packs.  I loved watching these kids think about what parts of the scrap I had on the table they would need, how they would attach pieces, and how to make it stay on their bodies.  Excellent problem solving!

Outside, Brad once again took on the beloved role of Yeti.  The kids loved it and were outside until he needed a break from being a Yeti.  At this point, they were ready to join us in the classroom.  Thank you, Brad, for keeping the Yeti alive!

Eliza and Una started out in the dramatic play (café, not space) and quickly changed their game to family.  They dressed up to go to a wedding which must have been pretty fancy as Una was wearing shoes with jewels.

My thanks to Lisa and Brad for all of their help today!

Monday, March 11 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Bodhi’s 4 ½ birthday with a song and banana cake!  The cake was divine and the bakers amazing!

Our question of the day was “Would you like to be an astronaut?”  Only Una, Bodhi and Liam answered yes.  During circle, we read a book called Roaring Rockets which showed us a chick, a mouse, and a rabbit going to space.  It mentioned and we talked about gravity boots, the Lunar lander, and fuel tanks.  This seemed to bring more interest to the possibility of becoming an astronaut.

From there, several kids went straight to the art table to build rockets.  Gus and Margot jumped right in with their ideas.  Simon wanted to know more before attempting to build.

Cheryl was outside with about eight kids the entire free time.  Some of the kids were continuing their game of shooting aliens, while others had begun new games.  Liam was digging a hole in the garden.  He must have dug at least a foot and a half.  Bash, Sebastian, and Gus were throwing a very bouncy ball until it disappeared then they shifted to a chase game.  River was cleaning off the turf so others wouldn’t trip!  Margot was adding large blocks of wood to the slide so that she could slide into them.  This became the game of choice soon after, and with kids sliding down, knocking the large blocks off, they had to rebuild them for the next child to slide into giving them some heavy work to do which was much needed.

In the dramatic play area, Eliza, Addy, and Una were dressed up and eating in the café.  I think to them it was a house and they were playing family.  Josie and Molly joined in above the loft as alien and friend.  Evidently, Josie was turned into an alien while she was playing outside.  Molly told her she was her friend and would take care of her.

All in all, these kids are doing great!  My thanks to Rachel and Cheryl for all of their help today!

Friday, March 8 - What We Did Today!

Today we talked about scientists.  Simon was the only one who answered our question with a yes about a paleontologist.  I asked him to tell us what a paleontologist did, and he explained that they dig up and look at old buried bones.  I asked the kids what other kinds of scientists they knew about.  Someone said Biologists, but that seemed to be the extent of their knowledge.  We talked about Chemists and Trisha brought up astrophysicists.  Liam mentioned astronauts and after that our discussion ended.  We will be talking about different scientists throughout our job discussions, so if you have a specific scientist that you would like us to talk about, please let me know!

Outside, Trisha had from five to eight kids mainly shooting alien bad guys.  The kids had built shooters with the tubes and began shooting.  I wasn’t there at the start so I’m not sure if it naturally went to shooting at other things or if Trisha helped to steer it that way.  When I came out, there was already an elaborate story regarding bad aliens who were shooting out the sun.  Rowan explained to me that they needed to shoot the sun until the color changed back to yellow and they had to keep the aliens from shooting at the sun at the same time.  Creative, not forcing an agenda, and everyone having fun?  Seemed okay to see it through.

Inside at the art table, we continued with our project using tape on matte board to create a negative image.  The difference was that rather than chalk, we used tempera to paint over the tape.  The kids were bummed when they found out they couldn’t take the tape off until the paint dried, but they quickly adjusted.

The dry table still has the chicken feed, but instead of the tubes for pouring there was a stand of trees and some wild animals – lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and hippos.  I like watching how they make everything work together and the stories they come up with around the animals.

My thanks to Trisha and Kristen for all of their help today!

Thursday, March 7 - what We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Morrie’s 5th birthday with a song and strawberry cake.  There were seven bakers and from what the class said, it was a great cake!

Jess and I started working on book jackets and even though I forgot several things, we were able to get through 5 ½ of them.  Please remember to bring in 8 pictures of your child’s family, 4x6 is the best size.

Several of the kids were up in the loft pirate ship shooting cannons.  They seem to be enjoying themselves and not bothering those that didn’t want to play, so I didn’t stop the eventual guns that showed up.  For me, guns are about responsibility.  The kids are expected to check with others before shooting their guns nearby.  If the guns scare a child (or an adult), they can’t play guns around those people.  In this game everything went fine.  The kids have been building their guns from the tubes in the manipulation area, but if there weren’t any tubes, they would find something else.  This is a natural and age appropriate game that allows them to try out ways they can take care of themselves and others. 

The warm water in the water table was a draw for many of the kids.  Some because they like to blow bubbles, but also the feel is very calming.  Alex built a ship that was also a submarine and spent enough time testing it in the water that I’m sure his hands were pruny!  Lisette and others also joined in.

Our new guineas are getting along so well together, I haven’t had to do any disciplining.  Four of the kids held three guineas for a while, feeding them carrots and petting them.  All were very gentle, even the guineas.

My thanks to Jess and Michael for all of their help today!

Wednesday, March 6 - What We Did Today!

Today several kids were outside in the snow with Nathaniel.  They were playing the “sweeper” game which wears them out allowing them to give up the broom and take turns.  Liam was using the hoe to break down the log again after checking to see if there were any ants still living there.  There were many kids at first, but eventually, they came inside to warm up.  Poor Nathaniel, however, had to be out there the entire day due to our hard-core outsiders Bash, Bodhi and Sebastian!

At the art table, we were working with negative images by using tape to cover part of our canvas, followed by chalk dampened with water.  There were other interpretations as well.  Several kids were taping the edges of the canvas, some were using the sponge after coloring with chalk, and some were just enjoying the chalk on the canvas.

At first circle, I showed the kids how to check the map to see where they live and where others from our school community live.  Then I asked them who lived closest to them.  They picked up how to use the map very quickly.  We will add various jobs within our community as we continue to check out options in our area.  Right now, we have our school and the post office.

I saw a lot of physics going on today as kids tested theories while working with manipulatives.  River had four trapezoid magna tiles in a square.  Then he added a square top.  He continued adding the squares until it caused the trapezoids to fall flat from the weight which he explained to me was because he had added one too many.  Liam and Simon were also working physics into their play.  They were creating a design similar to the game Mouse Trap where one thing causes something else to happen which causes something else to occur, and on and on.  Theirs of course had to do with balls and baskets!

My thanks to Tamera and Nathaniel for all of their help today!

Tuesday, March 5 - What We Did Today!

Today no one wanted to go outside!  The sun was glorious, but there was just too much else going on.  We had three families checking out the school along with two kids and the kids handled the extra bodies very well.  As a matter of fact, I am thinking of recruiting James as our spokesperson.  He let each family know that I was “Teacher” Sam because I teach him!  Can’t get a much better spokesperson than one who sounds and acts joyous about our school!

Inside, many kids were with Josh creating at the art table using tape, sponges, and chalk for their media.  Some of them chose to just use tape which made me think that it might be a fun project for them as well.

A contingency of boys was playing in the loft.  When I wandered over, I found out that they were playing a game from a television show.  Not knowing the game, I asked them what it was.  It was a pirate who had cats who was bad.  The boys had built a pirate ship in the loft (or the loft may have been the ship and the blocks were the cannon) and after trying to have two of the other kids play the role of the bad guy, they decided I was the bad guy and used their cannon to shoot me.  Out of the cannon came a handful of scarves showing them they got a hit!  Pretty creative!

At the play dough table, Alex built a city.  Harlan and June were painting at the easel while dancing and singing.  Elliette and Oliver were eating at the café.  Elliette became the cook for a bit after I finished up.

My thanks to Josh and Melinda for all of their help both with the kids and with our visitors!


Monday, March 4 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Simon’s 5 ½ birthday with a song and carrot cake.  The cake was wonderful and the kids that helped even grated and peeled carrots!

We brought up our map making again.  On the back of the blueprint that I had shown them Friday, I made a rectangle and then asked the kids where the door was for our classroom, what was in the corner, what was in each of the areas of the room.  They did a great job and as a way to end circle, I asked them to draw where they were sitting on our map.

A few of them went to the art table and made their own maps.  Josie made a candy map and Simon made a map of his house and then a picture of the front of his house.  Most of the kids started out the day outside with Bevin.  They seem to enjoy their new “sweeper” game.  It involves a lot of running, the push broom, and taking turns.  When I was checking out what they were up to, Rowan had just managed to split another piece of log a part.  He showed me all of the ants that were there.  I showed him all of the eggs and larva there as well.  After a short discussion, we agreed that we should find another log for him to work on, while the ants found another home.

As beautiful as it was outside, it was still very cold.  Consequently, one by one all but the hardy returned inside and found something else to work on.  Molly, Liam, Josie, and Una were up in the loft eating take out from the café below, Gus was adding to the classroom map, and River was working on the writing table.

My thanks to Kristen and Bevin for all of their help today!


Friday, March 1 - What We Did Today!

This group showed a lot of creativity, problem solving, and team work today.  As we began our circle, we slowed for a bit and let kids just ask questions.  They were all over the map, but everyone had a chance to share something with us. 

Once settled in, I showed them blueprint of a building.  We looked at a picture of a room and then the map of a room.  A picture of a house and then a map of the house.  We finished with a picture of a street and a map of a street to talk about what kind of map we could make.  The ideas were awesome – A map of a treasure, candy store, rainbow, heart shaped map, a map of the school!  Some of the ideas built on others’ ideas, but eventually, they were individual thoughts.  I asked them if they would like to make individual maps and they were excited, so Monday we will be making maps!

A large group of kids headed outside at the end of circle.  They were playing a chasing game that Rowan called “Sweeping you off your Feet”.  It consisted of a sweeper (the chaser) with the push broom and any other players (those being chased).  As they were chasing or being chased, they would get tired pushing the broom and let someone else have a turn.  This went on for a long time.  Others were digging and creating with loose parts from around the play area.  Margot’s looked like a professional sculpture!

Inside, Sara was in the dramatic play area with several kids cooking and serving in the “Irvington Café”.  Eliza started out as the cook and server.  From what Sara told me, she was doing a great job waiting on, taking orders from, and cooking for the other kids who came into the café.  I checked it out later as I noticed more and more kids heading into the café.  The beginnings of some arguments were mainly about wanting turns, but they managed to solve their problems with little help from the adults.  As Liam joined, he created his own job.  He became the phone and drive through order taker as well as the cashier.  Bodhi also wanted a chance at this job and Liam let him take over when he had to go visit a friend who was ill!

So much fun and so little time!  My thanks to Sara and Jake for all of their help today!

Thursday, February 28 - What We Did Today!

Wow!  First blog in a week!  I don’t know about you all, but I was ready to see and work with your kids!  Boy, did I miss them.  Of course, once here, there was more time to make assessments of how they are doing as most of them don’t need me to get through a day of preschool.

Here is an example.  Baker and Knox were in dramatic play feeding raccoons.  Morrie joined them later and the game was now feeding T-Rex’s.  No problems with the shift, no problems when someone joined in, essentially no problems.  Great job on their part.

Outside, Lisette and Oliver were digging.  Lisette was looking for treasure and she found it – a plastic, green snake.  She began to create a home for her snake.  By now, Harlan, June, Cordelia, James, Baker Knox, and Morrie had come outside.  Cordelia, Harlan and June were climbing the rope to the top of the slide while James began helping Lisette plan for her snake. Morrie, Knox and Baker were running while Alicia chased them around the structure.  When I turn around, I notice the last two kids joining us, Elliette and Seyi.  All eleven kids playing various games taking each other into account.  It was awesome!

My thanks to Allie and Alicia for all of their help today!

Thursday, February 21 - What We Did Today!

Today we were down two kids and one helper.  With only 10 kids, there wasn’t an issue with just two adults other than the clean-up at the end didn’t happen.  The kids handled it well.

At the art table, we were dropping liquid watercolors onto various types of paper and used a straw to blow the paint around the paper.  We found that coffee filters were beautiful colors, but you were not able to blow the paint as it absorbed into the paper so quickly.  The slick paper left you plenty of time to blow, but also left you puddles.  The regular drawing paper was not the nicest looking but was the best compromise.

The soup cooking continued with new combinations such as onion pear and everything but the sink!  The kids are having fun pretending to cut, mix and cook.  They are even ladling the soup into bowls and offering it to others.

In the loft, June, James, and Cordelia were playing guitar and ukuleles as a trio.  Below them, Knox and Baker were feeding their dragons.  Evidently, dragons have a preference for Chinese food.  Who knew!

Although we started snack early, that didn’t stop play dough creations from happening.  As soon as I moved the play dough aside, someone immediately let me know that they wanted to play with it. There were pies, pizzas, cookies and hearts.  Everything anyone could ask for.

My thanks to George for all of his help today and the rest of you stay healthy!

Wednesday, February 20 - What We Did Today!

Today we were down one helper.  Bevin was a big help by coming in early and doing some of the morning jobs and Aaron came in just before gym and set up for us.  So, I wanted to put out a big thank you to both of them as well as Rachel for helping out at the last minute.  Normally we would cancel school, but with two kids absent and the glorious sun shining, Rachel and I were able to make it work.

We started out by writing a page for our latest book, My Community.  Today’s was about mail carriers or our trip to the mail box.  The kids did well, drawing their pictures and then telling Rachel and I what to write.

Most of the kids headed outside right away.  The weather was glorious and when you check the pictures you will see how much enjoyment they got while basking in the sun.  Of course, the enjoyment also came from playing Yeti, digging a large hole and filling it with water, climbing into the trees and various other actions.

At the art table, a few kids headed over after coming in from the outside.  They were using contact paper to place colored tissue squares, overlapping was encouraged.  Once finished, we sealed the tissue between two sheets of contact paper.  At this point, the kids could cut the product into a shape to hang in the window or hang it as is.  They are quite pretty when the light shines through them.

The water table was set up to make soup, stew, or whatever else the kids came up with.  As they mixed everything in the big pots, they began to ladle the soup into bowls.  I was offered a strawberry soup which was lovely.

I set up the discovery area with a white sheet hanging from the ceiling.  Using cut out animals or their hands, the kids could put on a shadow play.  My thanks to Rachel for all of her help today!

Tuesday, February 19 - What We Did Today!

Today we had 9 kids and three adults!  I found that with so few kids, there were usually two groups of four or five working together.  For instance, the dry table had anywhere from five kids working with the different tubes and cups to three kids.  At the same time, the manipulative area had four kids building with the tubes.

At the art table, I was trying to get the kids interested in making lanterns for Chinese New Year.  The project gives me a good idea of cutting skills.  Unfortunately, only Lisette and Morrie were interested.  I guess there were too many other things to do.

The play dough was one of those “other things”.  There were worms, snakes, pies, and volcanos.  Learning to take turns and sharing play dough were also among the skills being undertaken.

In the water table, the kids were making soups and stews.  They took the veggies, cut them up, and put them into the pot.  I personally consumed lemon soup, onion soup, and veggie stew.

The dry table was by far the favorite today.  As the day wore on, the set up changed from many boxes and tubes to no boxes or tubes.  From five kids pouring, scooping, and planning how to get corn from one area to another to two children sitting in the middle of the dry table scooping corn into another bin on the ground with a third child sitting inside of it!

We have all been enjoying watching the two new guineas on their side of Bill’s cage.  They both appear to be sweet, so I am hoping we will get to keep them.  My thanks to Debbie and Amber for all of their help!

Friday, February 15 - What We Did Today!

Today we had a double celebration!  We celebrated Sebastian’s 5th birthday with “normal” cake, vanilla, and a song.  Una, Josie, and Angie were our bakers today and normal cake is very tasty!  Once the cake was in the oven, we decorated cookies for our Valentine’s Day celebration.  So, even though the kids weren’t to eat their candy without checking with you, I managed to sugar them up anyway!  My apologies to anyone who ends up with a tough afternoon.

The dry table with its’ tubes and boxes is very popular.  The kids are pouring and moving the cracked corn through the tubes, with cups or buckets, and their hands.  They continue to look for opportunities and then try them out.  Early science method in action!

Some of the kids made some more Valentines.  When I asked the kids what Valentine’s Day was about, I got several answers, but they were basically about telling someone that you care by sending cards and letters (and, of course, candy).

Brittni was outside with about five kids until I pulled then in for cookie decorating.  At first glance, I spotted a lake in the middle of the dirt area.  Whatever they were doing, since it involved water and mud, I’m pretty sure they were enjoying themselves!

This group has a lot to say and hearing their own voice seems to be an additional benefit.  Consequently, morning circle took quite a while to complete.  They are working on using quiet hands, waiting for their turns to share, and sticking to what we are talking about.  It is a work in progress!  My thanks to Angie and Brittni for all of their help today!

Thursday, February 14 - What We Did Today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We had a great time decorating heart cookies with icing and sugar sprinkles.  I noticed the fall out half way through gym.  Tears from being frustrated due to the sugar crash is my guess.  I hope they were finished by the time you got them!

This group is so funny.  Usually, I have to keep watch on the Valentine boxes until gym time to be sure they don’t eat any candy.  This group, however, didn’t even mention to me that we hadn’t looked at our Valentines.  I just barely remembered right before it was time for pick up.

I had a new set up at the dry table.  It was a couple of boxes and some tubes put together to form various options for pouring cracked corn.  Many of the kids were at the table for the entire free time.  Others came and went.

We also made some valentines to take home today.  Seyi and Lisette were the main creators today!  The wok was busy with chopsticks picking up beads or mixing various beads.  Baker make me some sushi using the beads, chopsticks and bowls.

We finished our dragons today as well.  Knox, James, and Cordelia added tails and were flying their dragons around the room.  Cordelia’s is still hanging, so if you haven’t seen them, take a good look at hers next time you are in.

My thanks to Mim and Griffin for all of their help today!

Wednesday, February 13 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Una’s 4 ½ birthday with lemon cake and a song.  Again, the kids really seemed to enjoy this cake!  Bash, Bodhi, Josie and Una zested lemons as part of the ingredients.  Bevin took them through the roles on British Baking Show!  They had a great time.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, we made our Valentine boxes today.  The kids did everything from minimal, cover and add name, to extra creative, cover, name, stamps, and other decorations.  It was helpful to see them looking for the letters in their names, not an easy task when you are sifting through a bucket full of letters in all colors!

I changed the dry table to cracked corn, boxes and tubes.  I like to watch the kids work with boxes and tubes.  They always surprise me in how they manipulate the materials.  Today, Liam and Simon decided to use the tubes and ramps for cars rather than the corn.  Others found new places to pour and watch as the corn collected at the bottom.  By the end of class, there was corn everywhere, but Liam, Simon and Molly each used a small broom and swept everything up!

At morning circle, we talked about the job of postal carrier.  We have some bags and hats along with a mail box and a sorting area for the kids to act out what a mail carrier does.  We had a lot of mail deliveries today!

Outside Talieson was taking on the role of Yeti for Sebastian first and then for Gus.  He was outside the entire morning.

My thanks to Bevin and Talieson for all of their help today!